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Thread: 2250 pt help

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    2250 pt help

    Hi all looking for some help at this list, i dindt play 8th with or against dwarfs so im a bit in the dark.

    Lord - Shield, Shieldbearers
    Ro Might, Ro Cleaving, Ro Fury
    Ro Preservation
    MRo Challenge

    Thane - BSB
    Strollaz Rune

    3x Ro Spellbreaking

    20 warriors - full command, shield
    18 longbeards - full command, shield, Ancestor Rune, Ro Battle
    24 quarellers - musician, throwing axes, shield, GW
    18 hammerers - full command, shield, Ro Battle, Ro Determination

    Grudge Thrower - eng, Ro Accuracy, Ro Burning
    Grudge Thrower - eng, Ro Accuracy

    2x organ gun

    total points 2249

    the strategy is 2 march with bsb and get a 1 turn of decent shoot to soft the enemy hoping for the second turn charge.
    the MRo Challenge to break the enemy line making 1 unit to become open for a side or rear charge from the rangers.
    the lord will be in the hammerers and the bsb and runesmith on the longbeards.
    hope u can advice me
    tks in advance.

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    okay, from my limited knowledge pool, I shall share my thoughts about said list.

    First off, I could be wrong, but I think there's now armor saves with stone throwers, which being strength 3 is not so good in that situation, so I'd say put at least 1 rune of penetration on each of those, maybe more. It seems to me you made your quarellers your rangers, which seems like an interesting idea, but to me it seems like a heavy point investment, especially with the throwing axes, too, you already have crossbows. If you're using the long beards for guarding your BSB and your Rune Smith, I'd say get the minimum number for them so it isn't too much of a point cost there, well minimum to have full ranks, so 13 would be it there, for 3x5 formation. That'd free up some points, too. Other than that, the rest is just purely preference with no solid backing, but I think these tid bits of thought have sufficient backing, if any of the long beards disagree with my ramblings, then they will surely say so, thus is the pride of the dwarf race. Happy battles!!!

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    If you intended on your quarrellers being rangers then they need Great Weapons and they can't take throwing axes (warriors and longbeards only). If you wanted to use your rangers as an offensive force, give your warriors GWs and make them do it (then you could give them throwing axes as well) and that leaves your quarrellers free to do what they're designed to do and pump the enemy full of bolts.
    Dwarfs 24/12/2

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