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    2000 point Dwarfs to ally with Brets vs. WoC & Orcs n Goblins

    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to get some advice on my list for a doubles match I've got coming up at the weekend. I'm allying with Brettonians, to take on Warriors of Chaos and Orcs n Goblins. Our general strategy is that I will play gunline with two decent infantry blocks, while my partner will look after cavalry and the magic phase.

    Here's my list:


    Dwarf Lord: Shield Bearers, Great Weapon, Runes: MR Steel, R Resistance, R Stone ( 256 )
    Thane: BSB, Runes: R Snorri Spangelheim, 2 x R Cleaving, R Stone ( 155 )


    Organ Gun ( 120 )


    Cannon w. R Forging ( 125 )
    Cannon w. R Forging, R Burning ( 130 )
    Grudge Thrower w. Engineer ( 95 )
    23 x Hammerers. Musician and Standard w. MR Grungni ( 344 ) [Lord Here]


    15 x Thunderers ( 210 )
    10 x Quarrelers ( 110 )
    24 x Longbeards, Shields, Musician, Standard ( 303 ) [BSB Here]

    This gives me a few points to spare and I'm not sure whether to go with a runesmith or more shooting? Ordinarily it would be a runesmith every time, but with my partner taking care of the magic and therefore hogging all the dispel dice, it doesn't seem worth running my usual runesmith build:

    Runesmith: Great weapon, shield, Runes: MR Balance, R Spellbreaking

    My alternative is to add:

    Bolt Thrower w. Engineer
    5 Thunderers ( taking total to 20 )
    2 Quarrelers ( taking total to 12 )

    What do you guys think?

    For the record we are also allowing special characters, but the dwarf characters are too expensive for the points budget. Additionally, my partner is planning to put his level 4 wizard in my Hammerer unit, which will give the unit MR2 and some kind of ward save from blessing of the lady, so I might be able to recoup some points from the banner of Grungni as well.

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    Okay, if you wanna go shooting, I'd say go ALL shooting for assistance, and for those warrior blocks you're talking about, make them out of quarrelers with shields, that way you can shoot til they reach you and reform, good anvil unit for at least one turn, let him handle being the hammer. you shoot everything. I'd also say put 1 or 2 runes of penetrate on the grudge thrower. S3 isn't going to wound much on the chaos side. But what I think would truly be gold is to use miners and rangers, and clog them up while bret sets up for the flank charges. Just my thought, and a master rune of challenge really messes people's days up. But I like close combat over shooting so I'm a bit bias. I wouldn't take a dwarf lord if shooting is your goal, in fact I would maybe take a thane for the bsb if you actually plan on getting into combat and then I'd take a rune smith or two, and sneak in a rune of balance. Trim as much points as you can, go all shooting. Your team mate can take a unit of men at arms with pole arms and rest cav if he needed to and handle that. If you just took one rune smith with M.R.Gromril, M.R.challenge, and R.Resistance, then he can be your general, generate 1 more dispel die, and that's only 149 with a great weapon. That leaves ya with 1851 points for shooting, and I think you can manage that. Good luck! Tell us how it goes.

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