Hey Beardlings!

I have a match coming up against High elves(yuk) So it would be like the war of the beard all over again. I wanted to make sure that we win this war again. Im kinda thinking he is going to use lore of shadow or life, let it be life

Anyway i hope i could get some help and advice if needed, tell me what u guys think of it

Runelord(General) Pts:248 (goes with hammerers)
-Ms rune of balance
-Rune of spellbreaking
-Rune of Resistance
-Rune of stone

Master Engineer Pts:74 (Sticks with the GT and cannon)
-Great weapon

Thane Pts:160 (Goes with hammerers)
-Ms rune of Gromgrill
-Rune of resistance
-Rune of striking
-1x Rune of speed

40 Dwarf warriors Pts:425
-Full command
-Great weapons

30 Quarreler rangers Pts:445
-Full command
-Great weapons

Grudge Thrower Pts:170
-Rune of Accuracy
-Rune of penetrating(x2)

Cannon Pts:140
-Rune of Forging

28 Hammerrers Pts:416
-full command
-Ms rune of Grungi

Organ gun Pts:120

Total Points:2198