At the club I attend we are mostly playing 2400 points for WFB in 8th ed. We've a tournament coming up in the autumn, which I'd like to post better than last place in!!! (I've been using Orcs and Goblins... nuff sed?)

Do you think this list is competitive?

Snorri Ironbeard - Dwarf Lord - 218
Shield Bearers, shield and Rune of Spite

Glambling Ironbeard - Dwarf Thane - 95
BSB, Rune of Stone

Oin Az - Dwarf Runesmith - 120
Rune of Spellbinding

20 Quarrellers with G/W and F/C - 285
20 Quarrellers with G/W and F/C - 285
20 Quarrellers with G/W and F/C - 285
19 Longbeards with G/W and F/C - 272 (BSB here)
20 Ironbreakers with F/C - 290
23 Hammers with F/C - 306 (Lord here)
Organ Gun
Organ Gun

Total: 2396

We usually play each scenario in turn. In the pitched battle scenario I'd be aiming to deploy the 3 units of quarrellers 2 deep in a long "gun line" offering 60 shots per turn, at 30" range. Each of the organ guns would be deployed on their flanks. Behind this line, but at the join between 2 units I'd place the Longbeards, the Hammerers and the Ironbreakers (who'd be on the extreme flank). When the enemy gets close enough I'd sacrifice a turn of shooting to reform the Quarrellers into blocks and advance the longbeards, hammerers and ironbreakers forward to close the gaps. This way I'd have a really strong line of defence and if the chargers failed to reach, the next turn would be open for the dwarf line to advance forwards.The flank protecting organ guns would mean that any thing fast or gribbly would be kept away from the sides

In the random deployment scenarios I'd hope that if the shooting units did get stacked on the flanks their crossbow range would mean they weren't totally out of the game, and if the combat units got placed wide, I'd spend the first two or three turns converging on the centre in the hope of forming a supported middle.

What do you think?