here's a list i worked up intended for storm of magic. I know there's no monsters or anything in it yet, but that'll come later. Anyways, this list is aimed at holding ground, generating stupid amounts of dispel dice and static, and able to kill just about any monster thrown at it. any comments/criticism much appreciated.


Dwarf lord, shield, shieldbearers, MRo Smiting, Ro Might, Ro Speed, Ro preservation, Ro the furnace. 293 points.
Runelord, great weapon, shield, Anvil of doom. 324 points.

Lord total points; 617


Thane, shield, BSB, MRo Valaya, Ro Battle, Ro Guarding. 247 points.
Runesmith, great weapon, shield, MRo Balance, Ro Spellbreaking. 151 points.
Runesmith, great weapon, shield, MRo Spellbinding, Ro Spellbreaking. 151 points.

Hero total points; 549


30 Longbeard Rangers, great weapons, shields, throwing axes, full command, banner with Ro Battle and Ro Sanctuary. 505 points.
10 quarrellers, great weapons, shields, standard bearer, musician. 155 points.
10 quarrellers, great weapons, shields, standard bearer, musician. 155 points.

Core total points; 815


15 Ironbreakers, full command, banner with Ro Battle, Ro Sanctuary, and Ancestor Rune. 275 points.

Special total points; 275


Organ Gun. 120 points.
Organ Gun. 120 points.

Rare total points; 240

Army total points; 2496

this list gets +5 to any dispel roll (+2 for being dwarfs, +2 for MRo Valaya, and +1 for MRo Spellbinding), along with a base dispel dice of 6 (3 for the runelord on anvil of doom, 1 each for the runesmiths, and 1 of the enemy's due to the rune of balance) there's a decent amount of magic resistance going around also.

the plan is to stick the anvil down somewhere in cover as it doesn't need line of sight or range, deploy a the longbeards with the lord and possibly the thane in the center, have the quarellers guarding the flanks (with 1 runesmith per unit, until they reach an arcane fulcrum), supported by the organ guns. they'll b e aiming for the wizards and monsters. the ironbreakers will be the last deployed in response to anything that needs blocking to prevent a flank attack. the lord and longbeards will just go for the biggest and nastiest thing on the table and hopefully destroy it.