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    First stage in a larger build

    As part of an army building campaign with friends I have elected to re start dwarfs after years. This list is my possible first stage build onto which I can build the larger force over the summer. Opinions would be nice so I know where to build towards or change in this list.

    Thane- 135
    MRo breaking
    Ro stone
    Ro cleaving

    17x Warriors -171

    18x Warriors -182

    10x Thunderers -140

    10x Thunderers -140

    2x Bolt throwers- 120

    10x Quarrelers- 110

    Total- 1000

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    This is a nice looking list for 1000pts, 2 solid blocks, some war machines, and enough shooty power so that you can target prioritise and lay down some hurt. In 7th editioni would have said you dont need to change a thing but 8th we can tweek it a little bit.

    First thing i would say is that your units of warriors need to be bigger. I would in 8th at 1000pts be taking units 25-30 strong, which would build towards taking multiple units of the same size in bigger games, but for now lets keep to 1000pts. Bigger units are the way to go these days as it means that you are still combat effective even if someone decides to concentrate on one unit. when you think how many wounds a turn a magic and shooting phase can do to one unit, by the time your warrior blocks get into combat they could be no larger than 10 models, and as you strike last often due to our low Initiative of just 2, your not going to get many attacks back. For your list in particular i would sugges getting at least 1 of those units to 25-30 strong (25 good but 30 better, 29 if you put your character in there), and drop a unit somewhere else if you need to.

    Next is how you choose to equip your warriors. in this list i would not be apposed to hand weapon and shields on your main block to act as an anvil, but as you may have noticed from looking at alot of other lists kicking about most dwarf players are saying goodbye to shields and hello great weapon. The reason for this as i have touched upon is our low Inititive which often makes us strike last in combat. The balance is, if we're going to strike last anyway, is hitting at +2 strength, worth missing out on +1 to our armour and a 6+ parry save. The answer is yes. being T4 helps us out alot in damage limitation but with so many high strength attacks kicking about these days in ever increasing numbers are armour doesnt have the protective effect it once did, and alot of the time your looking at a 6+/6+ to save oyour Strength 3 dwarf. So even if you do save your guy, and chances are you will hit with WS4, S3 isnt going to wound, and if it does, it alows a nice unmodified save for your opponent. With a great weapon, chances are that against most things your hitting on 3s, wounding on 2s, and allowing against most horde uints no armour save.

    Great weapins are the way forward, but in your case i am tempted to stick with shields on your block and hope your artillary does enough damage to your opponent on the way in.

    Might be worth taking your second unit of dwarfs with Great weapons and just a musician, and have them sit by the big unit to act as a kind of detachment and counter charge anyonr taking on the big unit. in combat you only benifit from 1 standard so you can rely upon the big unit standard in a join combat. i would maybe run these at 12 strong, 6 wide aswell.

    A better idea is to use the same tactic but with Quarrelers. Buy them great weapons and a musician and use them in exactly the same way as the small unit of warriors. its more effective as it means your also gettting shooting attacks out of them. You could consider changing the smaller unit of warriors to 12 quarrelers with great weapons and boosting the size of the other Quarrlers unit.

    But if you dont want to get rid of dwarf blocks lets look at another way. I still think you should have a big unit of warriors no matter how you equip them, but why not drop a ranged unit and the second warrior unit and try to squeeze in some hammerers. these guys are WS5, S6 with there GWs and are stubborn Ld9. chances are these guys wont go anywhere and you can use them once again like a detachment or if you get enough even to go out an bring pain to enemy units.

    Bolt throwers, although cheap, are my least favourite war Machine. i would much rather have 1 cannon with a few good runes then 2 bolt throwers. the reason i say this i 1) they do D6 wounds, are high enough strength to wound almost anything on 2s (damn sphynxs and there high T) 2) can snipe lone characters better, 3) are not going to miss everything 50% of the time. Having machines seems a safer bet but I would rather know im not going to roll a hit only to roll a 1 to woud on the first guy i hit to wound.

    Last point, Im not sure which MRo Breaking is off the top of my head, but if its Spell Breaking you mean, then only a Rune Smith/Lord can take it.

    Hope this helps a little.


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