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    erm erm 4k list :S

    so I was working out a dwarf list with SoM in mind and would like some opinions as to how effective it would be and maybe some ideas for SoM stuff to add on to it

    Dwarf King: - Shield bearer’s MRoSwiftness, 2x rune Cleaving, Rune of stone, MRoSpite 285
    RL: - AoD,3x Spelleater 465 (2DD 3DS 4+ forget’s)
    RL: -2x Spelleater, Rune of stone, Rune of the furnace 250 (2DD 2DS 4+ forgets)
    Heros: 987/1000
    Thane: - BSB MR of valya, Shield, GW 196 (+2DR)
    RS: - MRoBalance, Rune of Spell breakling,shield 147 (2 DD 1 DS)
    RS: - MRoSpelbinding, Rune of Spell breaking, shield 147(1DD 1DS +1DR)
    RS: - Spelleater run, Rune of spell breaking, shield 147(1DD 2DS (4+ forget spell))
    RS: - 3x Rune of Spell breaking, shield, GW 151 (1DD 3 DS)
    RS: - Spell eater run, MRoGromil, GW149 (1DD 1DS (4+ forget cast))
    Dragon Slayer: -
    Core: 1000/1000+
    40 warriors: - GW, FC 425
    40 warriors: - GW, FC 425
    10 Rangers: - GW, Shield, Xbow 150
    Special: 732/2000
    25 Hammerer’s: -Shield, FC, MRoGrungni 405
    2 BT: - Engineer, Brace of pistols, Bt1 Rune of burning,2x Flakkson’s rune of seeking, BT2 Rune of burning Rune of Flakkson’s Seeking, Rune of Penertrating 210
    9 Slayers, M, SB 117
    Rare: 280/1000
    Gyrocopter: -
    Gyrocopter: -

    Total:- 3999/4000 10 DD 13 DS (7 of which give a 4+ to forget the spell cast) +5 DR

    SoM: 0/1000
    Ideas please

    DD = Dispell dice (dwarves don’t channel)
    DR = Dispell roll
    DS = Dispell Scroll (well a rune that does the same job)
    Rs = Rune smith
    RL = Rune lord
    MRo = Master Rune of
    GW = great Weapon
    FC = Full command (unit champ musician standard bearer)

    Many thanks in advance

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    I'm pretty sure dwarfs do channel its just you can only use them to dispel remains in play spells. I could be completely wrong though

    EDIT: we don't channel but roll for winds of magic and can use those for remains in play. I got ridiculously confused. Sorry I didn't really comment on the army I'm not very familiar with storm of magic.
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    Dwarfs 24/12/2

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