I have my first tournament upcoming at my local GW. The point limit is 1500 and I know that there will be two ogre armies as well as an O&G army although I dont know about the others.

Dwarf Lord w/ GW, MRoGromril, 2 x RoIron

Runesmith w/ GW, MRoBalance, RoStone

10 Thunderers w/ Musician

10 Thunderers

30 Longbeards w/ GW, Fcmd, RoBattle

Cannon w/ RoForging

5 Miners w/ Prospector, Musician

2 x Organ Gun

TOTAL: 1500pts

General battle plan is to pick them off as much as possible before going after them with my Lord in the longbeards when they reach my lines. The miners will be deployed as war machine protectors in games against ogres where it wouldnt really be advantageous to use underground advance because theres no flimsy warmachines for them to hunt but then they have the tactical versatility to take down some spear chukkas and stuff against the greenskins. Main reason I took the lord over the thane was to have the longbeards without having to have warriors, as well as a rock to hopefully take on some of their hitty characters. Considering swapping out the Rune of Stone on the Runesmith for a Rune of Burning on the cannon but I'm not sure. A more drastic change would be downgrading the longbeards to warriors and the lord to a thane and using those points to beef out the miners slightly as well as some other upgrades but that would lose my RoBattle so I'm torn on that as well. Any criticism would be greatly appreciated.