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    2k Dwarfs for small tourney this saturday

    I am actually playing Ogre Kingdoms at the tourney but I am bringing a friend along who will use my dwarfs.

    No Lords

    Thane (BSB)
    Gromril, Resistance, Fury

    Runesmith (Gen)
    Balance, Spellbreaking

    24 Warriors w/shields, FC

    19 Longbeards w/GW, FC,

    10 Thunderers w/shields

    10 Quarrellers w/shields

    24 Hammerers, FC

    Cannon w/engineer
    Forging, Reloading, Burning

    Bolt Thrower w/engineer

    Grudge Thrower w/engineer
    Accuracy, 2x Penetration

    Organ Gun

    Balanced list - known opponents are another dwarf, ogres (me), empire, VC, Deamons, maybe TK, Brets, orcs

    It feels heavy in shooting to me but not compared to some other lists.

    I dunno about the shields on missile troops - points could go to BoP on war machine engineers.

    Are GW better than shields? Grungi seems a like a good choice but are there better options?

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    Basic argument for GW or shields is what do you want the unit to do/what role do you have in mind for it?

    If you want it to go out there and deal damage then obviously go GW. The reason GW work so well on Dwarfs at the moment is due to all combat going on Int order, so generaly dwarfs will strike last anyway with a low Int of 2, so the pay off for +2 Strength is very good. The fact that you now attack in 2 ranks and you always get the attacks means GWs on WS4 dwarfs are realy good.

    By opting for a shield you are only gaining +1 armour and a 6+ ward, which is just about ok as you are Toughness 4, but it felt alot better in 7th ed when you got +2 armour when having a shiled and fighting to the front. Shields are however essential for anvil units. Alot of people including myself used to take shields on Hammerer units and didnt bother using the GWs as the combination of Hw+S for a 3+ armour and Stubborn often resulted in better combat then if you used your GW. But yes, any anvil uint should have shields these days.

    If this was my list, i would have my warriors with GWs, and Long beards with Shields. If the Longbeareds were rangers then i would have given them GWs but as a marching unit shields. Or i would have swapped out the longbeards for another big unit of dwarfs with GW and have a Dwarf unit of each. Get the rune on the Longbeards Standard which lets them test as stubborn for a turn.

    Ranged units i always go GW these days, but only if the points are spare. Obviously cant take them on thunderers, but shields are not as good as the used to be on ranged units as explained above in general. when you could have a ranged unit with a 4+ save then alot of the time you could even turn away cavalry charges, but these days your better off taking your losses and hitting back at S5 if you get the chance. It also means they are good units to stand next to your anvil blocks, as when an enemy charges into an anvil and sticks, you next turn can flank charge at S5 and hopefuly negate ranks at the same time, without having to send one of your other infantry blocks into combat to help out.

    Im not sure about MRo Grungni on the Hammerers, you normaly find it on Longbeards, as it works well with the combination of thier rule that alows you to reroll panic tests for units withing 6". This is another reason LB that are not Rangers are often found with Shields, to keep them alive as long as possible.

    If you need, you can afford to drop the Bolt Thrower. Sure it brings you and additional flaming attack for taking down hydras and alike, but generaly your hitting 50% of the time, and when you miss, nothing happens. I would use the points to get a Master Engineer to babysit your cannon and GT.

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