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    First dwarf army list in 8th

    Played a bit in 6th, and a bit in 7th, looking to really get into these little guys Dwarf Lord 145 Points, General free, GW 6 Pts., Shield 3 Pts., Shieldbearers 25 Pts., 1 x Master Rune of Kragg the Grim 20 Pts., 2 x Rune of Fury 50 Pts., 1 x Master Rune of Spite 45 Pts. - 294 Pts. Runesmith 70 Points, GW 4 Pts., Shield 2 Pts., 2 x Rune of Iron 30 Pts., 1 x Master Rune of Balance 50 Pts. - 156 Pts. 20 Dwarf Warriors 160 Pts., Shields 20 Pts., M 5 Pts., S 10 Pts., C 10 Pts. - 205 Pts. 10 Thunderers 140 Pts., M 5 Pts. - 145 Pts. 18 Longbeards 198 Pts., GW 36 Pts., M 5 Pts., S 10 Pts., C 10 Pts. - 259 Pts. 20 Hammerers 240 Pts., M 6 Pts., S 12 Pts., C 12 Pts. - 270 Pts. Cannon 90 Points, Engineer 15 Pts., 1 x Rune of Forging 35 Pts., 1 x Rune of Burning 5 Pts. - 145 Pts. 20 Ironbreakers 260 Pts., M 6 Pts., S 12 Pts., C 12 Pts. - 290 Pts. Cannon 90 Points, Engineer 15 Pts., 1 x Rune of Reloading 10 Pts. - 115 Pts. Organ Gun 120 Points Total: 1999 This a list i will use in proxy, and as it will be my first with dwarfs i will post results of battle, may be in 2 weeks or longer(next battle i am WoC, then i can play my little buddies) Any advise on a mixed shooty and CC dwarf army appreciated , even if it means this list is trash

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    I hope the way your post is formated is due to a mix up on the way my computer has loaded it instead of it running in massive sentences. its just very difficult to take in.

    Also get rid of the individual points costs for everythign. Games Workshop frown on this as it lets people make lists without the army books and they have nothing better to do than complain about it.

    More likely to get usefull response with these changes.

    Your list should look more like this:

    Dwarf Lord = 294 Pts
    GW ,Shield, Shieldbearers,
    1 x Master Rune of Kragg the Grim,
    2 x Rune of Fury,
    1 x Master Rune of Spite,

    Runesmith = 156pts
    GW, Shield,
    2 x Rune of Iron,
    1 x Master Rune of Balance

    20 Dwarf Warriors = 205pts
    Musician, Standard, Champion, (just put FC (full command in future).

    10 Thunderers = 145pts

    18 Longbeards = 259pts

    20 Hammerers = 270pts

    Cannon = 145pts
    Ro Forging
    Ro Burning

    20 Ironbreakers = 290pts

    Cannon = 115pts
    Ro Reloading

    Organ Gun = ##(cannot show un-altered unit costs)

    Total 1999pts.

    Hopefully this will get you some more replies.

    My first advice is to drop shields on the characters as you cannot use bot gw and shield at the same time,and in 8th ed you now always use your bought weapon, so your great weapons. Your shields will nearly never be used.
    Last edited by saltrock36; November 15th, 2011 at 21:55.

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