Lord/Heroes: Dwarf lordwith shield, Master rune of steel, rune of resistance, rune of speed,and Master rune of spite+shield bearers 295p

Rune lord with great weapon,Master rune of balance, and 2 Runes of spell eating 296p

Thane with Battle standard,rune of fire, rune of stone, and Master rune of challenge 125p

Rune smith with greatweapon, 2 runes of spell breaking 124p

Core: 35 Long Beards withfull command, shields, Rune of battle, 2 ancestor runes 490p

35 Long Beards with fullcommand, shields, Rune of battle, ancestor rune 480p

25 Dwarf Warriors with greatweapons+full com. 275p

Special: Grudge throwerwith Rune of accuracy+ Rune of penetration+engineer 145p

Grudge thrower with rune ofaccuracy+ Rune of penetration+ rune of burning+engineer 150p

Rare: Organ gun 120p