[1500] dwarfs of kazzad grom - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    451 (x8)

    [1500] dwarfs of kazzad grom

    Thane 72 points
    GW gromril armour rune of stone

    Runesmith 137 points
    GW gromrilarmour rune of stone rune of spell breaking

    Dwarf warriors X20
    HA shields
    Full command
    205 points

    Dwarf warriors X17
    GW heavy armour
    195 points

    Xbows X10
    130 points

    Thunderers X10
    150 points

    Iron breakers X16
    Full command
    238 points

    cannon 135
    rune of forging

    stone thrower 130
    rune of accuracy rune of penetrating

    gyrocopter 140 points

    total models in army: 83

    despell:5 +one scroll

    total points: 1497

    Ok after taking some more thoughts into this list I’ve created another possible version for this. As one of my team mates in this game I’m planning in the summer is already bringing a flame cannon im maybe going to opt for a gyro copter depending on how things go.

    Comments would be greatly welcomed.

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    No matter what the points value of the army, I always try to field at least four blocks of infantry. I think I would drop the crossbows and take 12 or so slayers to hold a flank.

    My experience with dwarves has always been that the normal warriors are amazing as long as you make sure they take charges head-on and not in the flank. I try to make sure that my battle line is long enough that it's hard to get around for flanking purposes. I also try to anchor it with an unbreakable unit like slayers.

    Additionally, I think you should definitely take a battle standard. Dwarves MUST stand and fight. You cannot afford to have a single unit run away. Being able to re-roll your break tests is vitally important. I wouldn't field an army without a BSB.

    I think I would also drop the GWs in your second unit of warriors and take the heavy armor and shield combo. You are unlikely to get a flank on most armies as they will outnumber you and have more units than you. I'd go for withstanding their charge with good armor and then letting combat resolution beat the enemy, rather than using the GW.. but that is a choice that is certainly debatable.

    For the most part it looks good. The artillery is going to be devistating, just make sure you can protect it. The thunderers will be great as well. Let us know how it works out.



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    if u know who ur playing against, and their magically orriented, take out the stone thrower (or cannon, but i would take out the stone thrower in case of things like chariors, calvary and heaven forbid dragons) and replace it with a runesmith.

    Also consider a gobo hewer instead of the gyro (as much as i like the gyro),

    add a slayer squad as sammi said instead of the x-bows (i consider it to be unfluffy to take the gobbo hewer without a slayer squad, also it gives u a reason to take the gobbo hewer so ur enemies wont complain),

    but i dont think that u should take an army standard in 1500 pts., unless ur planning to play enduring mtn.

    finally this goes along with "LO's favorite elite unit" but switch the ironbreakers with longbeards, there more versitile.
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