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    2500 vs VC, friendly...a new idea, I think

    Well we are planning on playing a 2500 point game, and I have never used Dwarves vs. VC, in fact I have only played with Dwarves twice now. I was worried about facing the VC, thinking they would be nigh on unstoppable by these small but mighty fighters. Then Grungni himself came to me with an epiphany ...let me know what you think of it...

    Thorek Ironbrow, Kraggi, AoD (505)

    Dragon Slayer (120)
    Runic Weapon, RoCleaving, RoFury, RoSnorri

    Thane, Shield, Oathstone (157)
    Runic Weapon, RoMight
    Runic Armor, RoPreservation, RoResistance, RoStone

    10 Thunderers (140)

    10 Thunderers (140)

    10 Thunderers (140)

    20 Dwarf Warriors, FC, GW, Shield (245)

    15 Slayers, FC with 5 Giant Slayers (25

    45 Hammerers, FC, Shield (640)
    Runic Standard, RoStoicism

    Grudge Thrower, Engineer (150)
    MRoImmolation, RoAccuracy

    Dispel Dice: 7
    Model Count: 122
    Point Cost: 2495
    Seeing the look on my friends face when I put out 45 Hammerers: PRICELESS

    So here is what I...er, what Grungni was thinking.:shifty: The biggest threat from Vampires, aside from Uberlords, is their ability to auto break a unit that is outnumbered by a fear causing opponent. You may have noticed a largish unit of Hammerers in there with the Runic Standard of Stoicism doubling their unit strength. Add to that the Thane with the Oathstone, and you have a unit that is effectively 90 strong, with no flanks or rear to negate ranks or add to combat resolution. The rest of the army is to whittle the marching undead down and guard Thorek from pesky flying things/ethereals/whatever. Dragon Slayer? Anti-fliers. Rune of Immolation? SPECIFICALLY for fliers (Caw! Caw! BANG! **** I'm Dead!). Roaming bands of Slayers and Warriors? Fliers or Ethereals.

    So, tear it up. But remember, this is Grungni's idea, so be careful...:yes:

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    Wow, that is a different but quite cool idea!

    The only problem I think is the amount of hammerers... if you lose this unit you've lost the game.
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