This is my 2ooo point dwarf list.I know it lacks dwarf warriors but for some reason they never peform well for me??

Lordwarf Lord w/Great weapon,Sheildbearers,Master Rune of Kragg the grim,rune of cleaving,rune of stone,rune of resistance,Master rune of spite.pts=291 *To go w/longbeards*

Hero:Runesmith w/Master rune of Balance.pts=125 *To go w/ warriors*

Core:14xDwarf warriors w/sheilds,full command.pts=151
13xLongbeards w/sheilds,full command.pts=181
14xthunderers.pts=196 *May drop these down to 12*
14xthunderers.pts=196 *May drop these down to 12*
10xQuareller rangers.pts=140

Special:8 Slayers,2 Giant slayers.pts=140 *May drop a giant slayer and with the points from the thunderers get a dragon slayer*
10 miners w/full command.pts=135
Cannon.pts=90 *May find some points to get an engineer*
Grudge thrower w/rune of accuracy.pts=105 *Is this warmachine really worth taking?*

Rare:1 organ gun.pts=120
1 organ gun.pts=120
* I love these 2 units my favourite in the whole game*

So what do you think? Any comments? Any tactics? I would love to hear them all. This is my 1st attempt 2k dwarf list (I have been writing fluff).Thanks,Itchy Richy