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    1000 point against Empire

    right here is my first attempt for a 1000 point dwarf army against the empire.

    shield and roSTONE @ 72

    Longbeards x19
    full command (Thane instead of champion) @ 243

    Wrarriors x 20
    full command @ 205

    Warriors x 20
    full command @ 205

    thunderers x 10
    shield @ 150

    Bolt thrower
    rune of burning
    engineer @ 65

    Bolt thrower
    engineer @ 60

    TOTAL 1000

    so any ideas.

    im playing against a military genius, so in terms of tactics i had to go for a good number of CC units, not really much use for GW as doubt he will bring much to the field that would require that sort of power.

    I would have prefered more thunderers but that extra unit of 20 warriors was just too hard to miss of my list.

    anyway if you could give me some advice on my army i would be very grateful

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    If you're playing against Empire, expect to see a list very much like yours, so you should take advantage of something that they don't have: Runes.

    Runes of Gromril or Spite would be very nice on your thane, to hold up and scrap a unit you're fighting. You could do with some runes on your bolt throwers to cause extra damage.

    10 Thunderers will lose horribly to handgunners, since they're almost half the price and only slightly worse, otherwise your list looks OK.

    Good luck,

    "Well... that hurt" - Vampire Jon Skellan (Mannfred's right hand man) after being beaten up, falling down an underground waterfall and being impaled by a stalactite.

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