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    First Dwarf List

    Okay, the only models I have at my disposal are what came with Skull Pass, but I do have two sets of them, having traded my goblins for dwarfs.

    Here's what I wrote up.
    Thane, shield, runes of snorri, cleaving, swiftness

    20 warriors, shields, fc
    10 thunderers, mus
    10 thunderers, mus

    16 miners, fc, drill, charges

    organ gun

    It's a respectable 60 models. I took the large unit of miners because, well, because that's what I have models for. Plus I read somewhere (wolfhowl's tactica, maybe?) that a large unit of ranked miners appearing on the field forces the opponent into changing his tactics. And I like the drill for rerolls and the charges could be really nasty.

    It's hero light, but I'd rather have extra troops. Plus, the slayer's no good on his own, not with the new shooting rules. I could run two thanes, giving one the scout rune, but I like having the one.

    The thane is light on protection, as far as dwarfs go, but he should ring a few bells in combat. Three attacks hitting on 2's most of the time and always going first at str 5 will kill something.

    Should I take the cannon or the organ cannon? I like the autohit feature of the OC.

    The list seems like it'll work best as a gun line, holding back the warriors until the enemy reaches us. But that also seems kind of dull and would put the miners in a predicament if they find themselves with no allies in the vicinity.

    So any tips are welcome. Just keep in mind the models I have...the double set of skull pass.

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    Not bad, but here's what might happen if you don't get a cannon first: your maximum range is 24. This means an empire player can get the first volley on you, or wood elves with bows.

    Some opponents might also choose not to go forward and pepper you with magic, or condensing fire on your weak side of the gunline. Since you will have limited mobility for this, the cannon gives you that extra reach.

    Plus, a rune of forging makes it very, very reliable compared to the organ gun.
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