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Thread: Random lists

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    Random lists

    I'm posting for the purposes of showing people in #warhammerfun (irc channel) the lists used in a recent battle of mine. I'll tell you the result if you ask, or you can guess ^_^. Dwarves allied with Tzeentch, Skaven with Orcs and Goblins.


    Dwarf Lord (General) - great weapon, master rune of gromril, rune of resistance (1+ rerollable), master rune of adamant (T6), 2 runes of warding (magic resistance 2) (with ironbreakers) 276

    Thane - battle standard bearer, strollaz's rune (free move to all dwarves within 12" at start of game) (with warriors) 145

    Thane - handweapon, shield, stoned gromril armour (3+), master rune of swiftness (goes first), rune of cleaving, rune of fury (S5, A4) (with warriors) 142

    Runesmith - great weapon, rune of balance (-1 enemy power dice +1 dispel dice) (with thunderers) 124

    12 Thunderers 180
    12 Thunderers 180
    20 Warriors - great weapons, shields, full command 245

    8 Miners - prospector, steam drill (reroll reserve roll), blasting chargers (hold and shoot weapon, D6 S5 hits)
    20 Ironreakers - master rune of grungi (5+ ward to all units within 6" against shooting and magic missiles), full command 340
    Cannon - rune of reloading 100

    Organ gun 120


    Tzeentch Daemonic Legion

    Be'lakor the Dark Master (lvl4 wizard with 5 spells, monster, fly) 650

    Galrauch the Chaos Dragon 696 (This dragon's stats are all 6's, except for BS0 and Ld10, also has 2 breath weapons)

    14 Horrors - champion 259
    3 Screamers of Tzeentch 99
    3 Screamers of Tzeentch 99

    3 Changebringers (like screamers but T5 W3) 210


    Orcs and Goblins

    Grimgore Ironhide (General) 375 (goes first, WS8, S7, A7) (with black orcs)

    Orc Warboss - martog's basha, boots (WS7, S6, I5, A5) 165
    Wyvern 200

    Orc Big Boss - additional choppa, light armour, shield, boar, iron gnashas (killing blow) (with big 'uns) 132

    Night Goblin Shaman - 2 dispell scrolls 100

    21 Org Big 'Uns - shields, standard, musician, totem (+1 dispel dice per rank bonus) 275
    22 Night Gobbos - musician, 3 fanatics 145
    5 Goblin Wolf Riders 60
    5 Goblin Wolf Riders 60
    5 Goblin Wolf Riders 60

    15 Black Orcs - sheilds, standard, musician 228
    Goblin Bolt Thrower 35
    Goblin Bolt Thrower 35
    Goblin Stone Thrower 70
    Orc Boar Chariot 80



    Grey Seer Thanquol - screaming bell (lvl4 wizard with 5 spells) 685
    Boneripper (T5 rat ogre) 75

    Warlock Engineer - warp-blades, warp-energy condenser, supercharged warp-power accumulator, storm daemon (casts D6 S5 hits) 110

    Warlock Engineer - warp-blades, warp-energy condenser, supercharged warp-power accumulator (casts D6 S5 hits) 85

    25 Clanrats - full command, ratling gun 210
    25 Clanrats - full command, ratling gun 210
    25 Clanrats - full command, ratling gun 210
    Rat Swarm 45

    3 Rat Ogre & Packmaster packs 150
    10 Warplock jezzails 200


    Dwarves and Tzeetch went first.

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    You have the option for instance of infiltrating, outflanking, pillboxing, or anti assault.

    And that's just with the Kroot.

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