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Thread: new to dwarfs

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    new to dwarfs

    Hi there... i've just started dwarfs and i am planning on making a 2000 pts army... thereforem i would like some guidance to what i should field... i have this in mind, please comment
    note that im not writing upgrades, but just the ways to glue the minis

    Lord on shieldbearers
    master engineer
    thane, shield and hw
    thane, gw
    20 warriors, shield hw
    20 warriors, gw
    10 thunderers
    10 quarrellers
    organ gun
    bolt thrower
    15-20 ironbreakers
    10 miners

    i dont know if this will equal too many pts... but do you think this would work?

    regards. AND

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    I think you could squish all that into 2000 points if you are a little careful. Here's things to think about when assembling:

    Replace 1 thane (either configuration works) with a runesmith for more antimagic. The other becomes a BSB or is dropped (neither configuration works, can't have shield or gt wpn).

    CC units get full command. missle units get musicians and no standards. A lot of people like shields on their missle units, to make them more resiliant to shooting.

    Hammerers or slayers are useful for monsters, although neither are strictly required. Hammerers work well with the lord. If you have extra warriors with Gt wpns, you can chop off the axeheads and replace them with hammerheads to achieve this.
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    Re 2000 points

    Your list is quite good :yes: you could fit all that into 2000 points

    For the Thane's give one the rune of brotherhood so they could join the miners, and give the champion a steam drill.

    Put in a Rune Lord as you get 2 extra dispell dice in the magic phase. It is vert handy

    Oh and before I forget where is the SLAYER they are amazing and you could have a few dragon slayer in 2000 points and they do so much damage.

    One thing that i think would be a good addition to the army is Thoerik Ironbrows Anivl Of DOOM it is amazing as it cast ancient magig on a 3+ with a rerole and can cripple any unit. The best example of this is lest say there is a really big and scary winged monster on the other side of thie field it mas 10" move so that means a 20" charge if you use the Anvil Of Doom against it, it has to use its non flying movement this is generally 2" to 3". Great Fun. :shifty:

    Also the Goblin Hewer is great fun as it is s5 and does D3 woulds a rank and has a -3 save modifier. Good Stuff.

    I hope you this helps good luck with the Dwarfs.

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