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    Dwarfs Second Attempt

    EDIT: Some point totals removed to respect GW copyright. ~DavidVC04

    At first I was set on creating an all shooty dwarf army, however I’ve have got negative feedback from several people I have mentioned it to. I knew it was a rock, paper, scissors army from the start, however people have informed me of the army’s many weaknesses and the fact that is very boring to play. So I decided to construct another more balanced list so tell me what you think it is any better than the last one?

    132 – Thane with shield, Rune of Stone, Master Rune of Flight and Rune of Cleaving.

    95 – Runesmith with Rune of Spellbreaking.

    120 – Thane with battle standard and rune of stone.

    195 – 15 Longbeards with shields, veteran and musician.

    205 - 20 Warriors with shields, veteran and musician.

    215 - 20 Warriors with great weapons, veteran and musician.

    175 – 10 Thunders: Veteran and Musician all with shields

    169 - 12 Quarrelers: Veteran and Musician all with shields

    161 – 10 Ironbreakers: Veteran and Musician all with shields

    – Cannon

    – Grudgethrower: Engineer with handgun and rune of accuracy and burning.

    – Bolt Thrower with master rune of skewering.

    – Organ Gun

    – Ogre Maneater: With Cathayan Long Sword, Heavy Armour
    (Much better than a slayer being faster and less likely to get shot up before combat, plus I wanted a fast unit to respond to threats quickly and they up hold up)

    Total: 1997

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    Nice list, very well rounded.

    Here I see that you've gone pretty heavy on Artilery. A Master Engineer will serve you well here, but only if you want one.

    The Maneater is an interesting suprise. Catch your opponent with his pants down (not literally, hasten to add) and if he keeps shooting it, the rest of your army's safe.

    I'd say Drop the following:
    Quarellers and Thunderers Musicians. They're in your army to shoot. The musician helps when your fleeing (unlikely) and for tied combats. You now have 13 points spare.

    Quarrellers and Thunders Champions. Same as last time but even more so as they add to the fighting skill of the unit and if they're in combat, they're not doing what theyre best at. Plus the 20 poinbts can be better spent on something else, like Runes. You now have 33 points spare.

    I can't think of anything else to drop. Maybe the maneater or about 6 warriors. The points left over will let you get a Master Engineer. Give him a Handgun and you have a BS6 shooting character(the Handgun give a +1 hit modifier).

    Tactics: Don't make this hard and fast, but move your combat units a little way as you'll want your amry as close together as possible. Keep your targets clear and don;t be hasty to get your missile troops into combat but don't despair if they get hit by fast Cavalry.


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    Very nice, a think the infantry units are a little small though. Is there any way you could work the longbeards up to 20?



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    i must say that overall you have a very nice list here. i would however like to make some suggestions.

    the first thane is sadly not that effective in my personal opinon and you have invested around 60 points for a single S5 ranged attack which you will probebly only make once a game. what in reccomend is either A: drop the master rune of flight and swap it out for a master rune of swiftness. B: just grab a great weapon, great weapons are one of the best bits of eqiupment you can give to thanes as 3S6 attacks will generally wreak all but the toughest of units and its less than 10% of the cost of the master rune of flight and cleaving combo. this will help as it will free up points for the rest of the army and give you a far more effective character.

    on the subject of your battle standard you may want to re calculate the points as there is no chance in Karrack Norn of a battle standard with tunr of stone costing that much. in fact you are a clear 25 points off! as such i reccomend a master rune of gromril on this chappy. the battle standard is an important part of the dwarf army and should be protected nice and proper. he will end up 5 points cheeper to boot.

    as for the rune smith i suggest you equip this chappy with a rune of stone and a sheild. this will result in a 1+ save and make sure that he lasts the game letting you keep that important extra dispell dice.

    now for the list. generally it looks pretty good but there are things i personally would change.

    drop the great weapons from the second warrior group and equip them with sheilds. the dwarf warriors greatest strength is his armour and we out class nearly every other army in this respect. warrior units are our anvil troops. hard resiliant but not as important as our elite dwarf units who are our hammers. as such i reccomend bringing the warrior units up to 25 strong with full command and sheilds. they will cost 250 points per unit but 2 units of them result in a stable rock for your army to build up on. nothing short of a large amount of enemy elite troops will budge these guys in an average game.

    you might want to recheck the points on alot of your units and double check that you are using the 7th edition rules book. a lot of these points values are off (the cannon being an obvious one)

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    Having used Maneater mercenaries for some time, I don't think you'll get much out of one unit. They're ItP, but not unbreakable, though stubborn is nice.

    I'd take at least two, if not three, though three is awful expensive. And I'd definitely give them great weapons with that long charge range of theirs. They'll pound the crap out of almost anything and can also serve as a chariot buster (can't always rely on warmachines to make contact).
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