Thorek 2000pt Escalation Tournament - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Thorek 2000pt Escalation Tournament

    hey all, my first post.

    Im hoping to field a Thorek list. ive been playing dwarves in an escalation tournament. I am in 3rd place. about... 75-100 pts out of 1st. 1st is a VC player, using 2 units of like 6 knights, supporting units, mostly those knights are the big thing. some magic.

    another dwarf, who i beat last week, running 4 machines in my 1500 pt list. he only ran 2.

    4th place is a HE player. runs like nearly all silver helms, 2 bolt throwers, and 2 channeling mages, that was at 1500 pts. he is boasting about his magic for the next game, so i can only imagine. i lost to him 2 weeks ago. that damn comet owned me.

    so its 2000 pts. ill probably pay that dwarf again. maybe the HE, hopefully i can play some gobbo players in the tier below us cuz im tired of playin these guys.

    so i want to run this list. i know thorek is "cheesy", but i think he really can help out in this big magic area. the halving of units will really help with my war machines, and having the ancient runes crackin every turn will be helpful as well.

    so heres the list. it is alittle bear bones. the BSB goes to the ironbeard group.

    Thorek Ironbrow- 505
    Thane- 190 BSB, Master Rune of Valaya
    Gyrocopter- 140
    Organ Gun- 120
    Miners- 145 (10) Prospector, Steam Drill
    Dwarf warriors- 175 (15) Full Command, Great Weapons
    Longbeards- 190 (15) Full Command, Shields
    Ironbreakers- 225 (15) Full Command
    Thunderers- 140 (10)
    Bolt Thrower- 75 Rune of Penetrating, Enginerer
    Cannon- 90


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    Well one thing I can say is that thorek is an easy way to cheap wins. You will probably win every round but i promise it will be boring for you and pretty damn unfair for the opposing player.

    I propose you swap out thorek for a normal anvil of doom and rune lord. you save yourself at least 180 points and will actually play through your own tactics rather than thorek. Armies with thorek WIN because of thorek. it won't be you winning, it will be a cheesy, unbalanced and down right horrible character winning the games for you. its a VERY different thing.

    Swap thorek for a normal rune lord + anvil and go with the risk. play the ancient rune as often as possible and go with the chance that it won't work. the normal anvil is balanced thorek is not.

    On to the list.

    Drop the master rune of valya. Itís expensive and doesn't get the job done. it also leaves your battle standard with a mere 4+ save. Drop the rune and buy him some defensive equipment. The master rune of gromril would be ideal assuming you get rid of the abomination known as thorek. Also add a rune of striking to raise his weapon skill to 7 meaning that Ws3 units need 5's to hit him and lords have a harder time hitting him on 3's (not many lords have ws8 after all)

    You need bigger units. Dwarves win their fights through static combat resolution so need big beefy units of 25 dwarves for warriors and 20 for elite dwarves like long beards, iron breakers and hammerers.

    Your cannon needs a master rune of forging as well. The one huge advantage of dwarf cannons is this rune. You will almost never misfire with a 1/36 chance of doing so.

    The problem with this army as a whole is that you are using thorek. Itís weakening the rest of your army and making it boring to use or play against. If you want the anvil's powers use a normal anvil. I can promise it will be more fun and much more rewarding. If you just want to win however and donít care about having fun feel free to use him.

    Dump thorek. Beef up the army. Thatís my advice.

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