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    2k Dwarf Throng - Campaigns or Regular gaming

    2000 points of Dwarves, geared for Campaign and Regular gaming.

    "Runelord" {373}
    - Hand Weapon, Shield, Gromril Armour, Anvil of Doom
    - Rune of Fire, 2x Rune of Striking, Rune of Stone, Rune of Shielding

    "Thane" {127}
    - Hand Weapon, Shield, Gromril Armour
    - Rune of Might, Rune of Stone, 2x Rune of Warding

    "Dragon Slayer" {90}
    - Slayer Axes, Rune of Cleaving, Master Rune of Kragg the Grim

    "19x Dwarf Warriors" {196}
    - Hand Weapons, Shields, Full Command

    "12x Dwarf Thunderers" {193}
    - Dwarf Handguns, Two Pistols, Hand Weapons, Light Armour, Full Command

    "16x Dwarf Rangers" {265}
    - Great Weapons, Crossbows, Light Armour, Full Command

    "13x Dwarf Miners" {168}
    - Picks, Hand Weapons, Heavy Armour, Full Command

    "16x Ironbreakers" {238}
    - Hand Weapons, Shields, Gromril Armour, Full Command

    "Cannon" {130}
    - Crew: hand Weapons & Light Armour
    - Engineer: Handgun, Hand Weapon, Light Armour
    - Rune of Accuracy

    "14x Ironbreakers" {212}
    - Hand Weapon, Shield, Gromril Armour, Full Command

    Total Points Cost: 1992
    Total DD: 8

    This army is designed, as said at the top, for a mostly Defensive movement as well as a little notch of offensive thrown in. I realise at the moment that I forgot about giving the Runelord a Rune of Spellbreaking, but cannot fit it in since I'm near the points limit (2000pts). However, I may swap out either the Rune of Accuracy or the Dragon Slayer and Cannon for a Runesmith and a couple Bolt Throwers. Depends on what changes I may have to make based on tactical decisions, really. And I'm pretty stiff about the Full Command thing, so it's difficult to convince me overwise.

    Few things I'm not too satisfied about are the Dwarf Thane, Dwarf Miners, and Dragon Slayer (which is already mentioned). May revise this list if I see fit. Heck (forgive me if that's a curse word), I may switch the Thunderers out for a smaller unit of Warriors or something.

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    Keeper of Records and Ale King Ulrik Flamebeard's Avatar
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    1372 (x8)

    Well.. I have a few points:

    Runelord - The RoShielding is redundant by the anvil - you get a 4+ ward vs all shooting. Also the two RoStriking I don't like. He'd be better off with either armour runes, to increase his durability or with something like RoCleaving and RoFury. Or even better, remove all those and load up on talisman runes -RoSpell breaking or MRoBalance are great for these characters.

    Thane - With the anvil and Runelord you have, I believe seven or eight dispel dice. I don't see the point in these RoWarding on a Thane. Give him combat runes.

    Dragon Slayer - Despite my seeing little use for him and a general dislike for them outside of large games, I would still swap him for another thane. A dwarf army should always have a BSB outside of 1000pts. Also, any slayer character should be armed with the MRoSwiftness and a RoFury or two or one and a RoCleaving. Maximise his combat potential, at the moment you have an unarmoured hero striking last. He won't last very long.

    Units: To be frank, the only ones I like are the Ironbreakers (who should be fifteen unless they have a character going into them) and the warriors. The Rangers are much to expensive and their uses are very limited, I'd drop them completely for another warrior unit and use the excess to bump up the numbers on other units. You need a frontage of five models to get the rank bonus, sixteen would be better as twenty.

    The missile units are OK, but I'd drop the standard (easy 100VP give away) and the champion, dropping them all to ten or twelve.

    Cannon - The RoAccuracy is for Grudge Throwers only, as it says in the description. Cannons should always have the RoForging.


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    Koosh for the KooshLord kooshlord's Avatar
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    99 (x3)

    I agree with all of KU's points. I will go a step further on a few of them.

    I don't think you should put CC runes on your anvil at all. This means you are taking points away from units that will keep your anvil away from CC, which should be your strategy IMO.

    Slayer axes are negated by weapon runes. And the slayer axes are a pretty awesome thing all by themselves, and they are free. The only reason I'd bother runing a slayer's weapon is if he wanted a MR of swiftness (strike first) so he wouldn't get butchered on the charge. However, I like my slayers expendable even more than I like them durable, so I'd consider if the extra runes are worth the points here.

    Units of 16 really don't make much sense to me in 7th edition. You probably don't want banners on anything with less than 20 models, the smaller units should be flankers for CCs where you already have a banner, IMO. If you like your full command for fluff reasons, great, but it turns potentially expendable units into easy VP for your opponent.

    Finally, unless you KNOW you are facing a lot of magic heavy opponents, 7 DD is excessive in 2K. Spending any more on anti-magic is just a waste, IMO.

    Hope it helps!
    Arena of Death Champion: Nexim of the Guldskullz Tribe. Fear my wrath!

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