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    Organised Chaos saltrock36's Avatar
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    Dwarf 2000pts. Suggestions and opinions please.

    Please don't post points/model or points/unupgraded unit. This violates GW copyright and LO policy. Thanks!


    I have been a dwarf player for a few years now but have never been able to decide on an army list I like and can use from game to game without changing the troop choices depending upon who i am playing.

    Finaly I believe I have come up[ with a 2000pt list i am happy with and will work well enough, and am looking for any input or suggestions that anyone might have.

    Many thanks.

    This is my list:

    Rune Lord- MRo Spellbinding / Ro Warding / Great weapon = 211

    Runesmith- 2 x Ro Spellbreaking / Ro Warding / Great weapon = 139

    Thane/STB- Army Standard / MRo Grungni = 140

    Thane- Oath Stone / Ro Fury / Ro Cleaving / MRo Swiftness / Ro Stone / Shield = 162

    10 Thunderers =

    20 Dwarf Warriors- Shield & hand weapons / Full command = 205

    19 Longbeards- Shield & hand weapons / Full command = 253

    20 Ironbreakers- Full command / Ro Battle = 315

    15 Miners- Full command / Steam drill = 215

    Grudge Thrower- Engineer / Brace of pistols = 100

    Organ Gun =

    Total 2000pts

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    Koosh for the KooshLord kooshlord's Avatar
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    By your list, I'd say you face HE a lot. You've got the anti-shooting banner, and a TON of antimagic. If you aren't facing shooty, magical lists, I'd say you could spend those points better elsewhere.

    Your characters in general are suprisingly vulnerable to damage, they have little in the way of armor. This keeps the cost down, but may also make you more vulnerable in challenges. The BSB especially could use some armor, and you could put the rune of grugni on the Longbeards or ironbreakers banner.

    Nothing else glaring about the list, although you seem a little weak against fear/terror effects, if you were to face undead.

    Good hunting!
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    Have to agree with koosh on the excess of anti-magic. Also, if we're sticking to the anti-magic theme, I find the Master Rune of Balance to be a bit more useful than the +1 to dispel, (but more likely, I'd just make the runesmith carry the +1 dispel.)

    More than that, where's the anvil love? With the runesmith doing little else than providing another dispel dice, you might as well scrap him, move the points around and slap on an anvil, (which also provides the dispel dice, btw.) That way you can also harrass the wizard's units wherever they are, especially the silly ones who sit on mounts.
    Every whisper of the future from the Warp speaks of a hundred battles lost, a thousand lives devoured and a million enemies born. -- Inquisitor Lord Babel

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