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    MVP's of Last Nights Game

    So yesterday I played my Oger Kingdoms friend in a fight to the death 1500 point battle and I thought I'd share what I learned from the battle with you guys.

    His army was the fairly standard MSU Oger setup with a couple units of gnoblars for screening. No butchers as he fears the might of my dispell dice.

    My army is a "no blackpowder" dwarf army. With quarrellers and bolt throwers instead of thunderers and cannons.

    At turn 6 the game was basically a draw and when we ended at turn 9 the game was still basically a draw. When we ended the game all I had left was about 15 Longbeards with a runic banner and a Runesmith and all he had was 2 partial units of iron guts, 2 yeties, and a couple reduced units of gnoblars stuck in some tree terrain. The fight was rather funny as both my opponent and I missed several golden opportunities to swing the battle in our favor. He spent most of the game tripping over his gnoblars which allowd me to make several of the charges I made. He also forgot his gorger for three turns. I forgot to use my rune of dismay, duffed two beautiful bolt thrower shots into the flanks of his ogers, and forgot to declare a charge with my Longbeards that would have wiped out a partial unit of ogers and likely let me pursue/charge into his HQ unit on about turn 6. The highlight of the game was the multiple turns he spent throwing gnoblar "fecal matter" at my Ironbreakers, who I should really just repaint streaked with brown and green stains by this point.

    What I learned from our fight was this.

    Most Valuble Unit goes to....
    1. Bolt Throwers w/Engineer and Rune of Penetration rock!

    One of these badboys was responsible for killing several ogers and whats more impressive is that they survived a charge of 20 gnoblars, broke them, then were charged by 2 yeties and survived for another round of CC. They did die the next turn but not before I bestowed the title of "Bolt Thrower From Hell" upon the unit.

    Rookie of the Game goes to...
    2. Quarrellers w/Great Weapons > Thunderers

    I've played many games with thunderers and while they absolutely rock at ranged attack, once they are charged all they can really do is suck and die. Conversely Quarrellers can really only thin down the enemy as they aproach but once the enemy nears they pull out their GW's and go to work. One of my units of quarrellers once in combat wasted another unit of 20 gnoblars, killed an oger and broke his unit, then stood firm against another oger charge, and dealt several wounds in return before finally being killed. Those great weapon wielding quarrellers threw more monkey wrenches into my friends battle plan than anything my thunderers have ever done.

    Most Beat Up Unit goes to....
    3. 20 Ironbreakers w/Oathstone Thane = best combat bog unit ever

    These poor "children born out of wedlock" spent the entire game being blasted by leadbelchers, swarmed by iron guts, yeties and gorgers, and splatered with gnoblar "fecal matter" and sharp bits. They stood firm to the last man, breaking 2 units of ogers, wounding the gorger, killing the leadbelchers, and putting 3 wounds on the Brusier HQ. My opponent was rather paranoid of this units and refused to even attack with anything less that 2 to 3 units at the same time. This bog unit allowed my Warriors to charge in a kill the gorger and my LB's to get a charge at his big tough HQ unit where they eventually killed the Bruiser and chased the remaining two ogers of the unit to the edge of the board.

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