I have searched a bit and decided that I want to paint and play with dwarf from one of those strongholds because the sounds, are not broken and I havenĀ“t seen any others painting dwarf with a those strongholds so I can choose my own.

What I know by now:

Karak Izor:
(Copied from the bugmanĀ“s breevery)
Karak Iroz is built on a mountain that contains vast quantaties of copper and other assorted minerals. The hold is built amongst the mountain chain known as the Vaults. These mountains were a haven to many of Dwarfs after the fall of the strongholds in the World Edge Mountains. The valleys offered a place for the Dwarfs to stay and live plotting the day that they would take what was rightfully theirs. The valleys and chasms of the Vaults are some of the deepest and narrowest int eh world. There land is so hard to live on that many crreatures apart from the Dwarfs have shunned the area due to its quality of living. This means that Karak Izor has been generally left alone over the years. Meaning that the Dwarfs have had time to do what Dwarfs do (drink, mine, eat and sing......). This has led tot he mines here being some of the deepest int eh old world.

They are friends with Empire because they got help from them once.
They are good archers
And have a lot of miners who use watercraft becaus Zhufbar lies beside a waterfall (zhuf means waterfall).

I think IĀ“m going to paint them as their in a snowy mountain, with snow on the bases, but IĀ“m waiting for some more info.