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Thread: Rare Units?

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    Rare Units?

    I'm a newbie Dwarf general and I'm looking for some advice on the rare units. Pros and cons, personal favorites and Dogs of War units and where I can find info about them? Thanks all

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    dogs of war: ogres can be worth it for their fast movement, beyond that i doubt you can find a unit that is more useful than the dwarf rare choices

    organ gun: a must if playing against skirmishers, flyers, fast cav, or tables with a lot of forests and such. Those auto-hits are the bomb and a dwarfs only real defense against skirmishers. they dont misfire that often either, and the re-roll is a lifesaver

    flame cannon: an acquired taste, it is actually less prone to blowing up from a misfire than an organ gun, but isnt as accurate or reliable. It's strength is its ability to cause panic checks, and the flame template can cover a reasonable amount of troops. It can also fire to about 30inches with a lucky artilery die roll

    gyrocopter: great against low toughness infantry and to block march moves, but vulnerable to shooting, magic and skirmishers. i rarely use them but they can be used effectively to hunt warmachines

    personal favorite is organ guns, especially against lizardmen and beast of chaos and wood elves. and those poor pegasus knights....poof! Feathers!
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