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    2000 point list, my first tourney

    This is the army list I've put together for my first tournament. It's a 2000 point limit and you have to take one "named" character.

    I went with Bugman because I felt the other two were too many points to fit in the army. I avoided Quarrellers/Thunderers because I wanted to make a marching army and they never seem to fit in my line correctly. My general plan was to use the Hammerers and Rangers on one flank and to refuse the other flank leaving the Dragon Slayer/Flame Cannon to cover it. the Miners would remove enemy war machines or could support either flank.

    Your critics/comments of my list and plan are appreciated.

    Dwarf Lord, shieldbearers, shield, MRoSkalfBlackhammer, RoSnorri, RoResistance

    Runesmith, MRoBalance, RoSpellbreaking

    Joseph Bugman

    Dragon Slayer, MRoSwiftness, RoSnorri, RoFlaming

    Rangers(14 Bugman goes here), Longbeards, GW, SB, musician

    Warriors(15), shield, full command

    Warriors(15), shield, full command

    Hammerers(12 Lord and Runesmith go here), full command

    Miners(15), full command

    Cannon, RoForging, RoBurning

    Bolt Thrower, Engineer, RoBurning

    Bolt Thower, Engineer

    Flame Cannon

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    15 miners, sweeeeeeeeeeet.....

    This should go in the listssection by the way,

    Isn't it a bit few men? Rather beef up the warriorunits to 20 and take an organgun for starters ( you coudl switch the 2 bolts for the organgun ad have 5 pts lft ) . To get the points available for the warriors, you might wanna drop the cannon, but 2 warmachines would be a bit to few for 2000 pts, so you should rather keep it.
    Also, do not expose your dragon slayer to an enemies 'firehill' so he will get shot to bits.

    By the way, is 12 hammerers not very little for the unit that will take your lord, and runesmith? You should have no problem propably getting the combatres even, but its still very little and the enemy will easily shoot off another rank.

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