Dwarfs Vs Dark Elves - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Dwarfs Vs Dark Elves

    The main armies at my local GW are Lizard Men, Dark Elves, and Goblins.

    I think i have some half decent tactics against the Goblins and the Lizard Men but I am wondering what to do agains the Dark Elves.

    The armies I have seen have plenty of flying creatures, harpies, Manticore, Dark Pegasus and a lot of Cold Ones.

    I have also seen armies with several assassins.

    Whta I haven't seen are Shades and Dark Riders or Chariots.

    There are of course plenty of Reaper Bolt Throwers and big blocks of infantry,

    Now I'm wondering how to deal with these guys a tthe 2000pt level.

    I was thinking of something like

    x1 Dwarf Lord
    x1 Battle Banner
    x20 Iron Breakers

    x1 Rune smith x3 Spell Eating runes
    x20 LongBeards

    x25 Warriors

    x20 Warriors

    x10 Quarrellers
    x10 Quarrellers
    x1 Bolt Thrower.

    Essentially the Quarrellers and Bolt Thrower go for the blocks of infantry and whittle them down while The Long Beards and Iron Breakers weather the storm of Cold One Charges. Meanwhile my two Warrior regiments cover the flanks.

    In my favour my characters only need a single Rune of Cleaving to be wounding on

    Runes of Preservation for the characters will mean many of his assassins are useless.

    I'm not too worried about magic. Most people down at my GW aren't particularly focused on magic even in high point games, It is 'uber' characters that they often go for.

    Outflanking is what I'm quite worried about.

    As for what I have avaiable to me...
    (All units have full command)

    22 Iron Breakers
    60 Warriors (of which I can use 20 as hammerers if necessary)

    40 Crossbow men
    20 Thunderers

    12 slayers

    2 cannons
    2 organ guns
    1 Flame Cannon
    2 Grudge Throwers
    2 Bolt Throwers
    1 Gyrocropter

    Various characters (This isn't a problem) including Josef Bugman and Thorgrim and 2 Slayer characters.

    1 Anvil of Doom.

    As you will note the only unit I don't have are Miners. If these are essential lets say I can wing 16 of these but them come out of my pool of 60 warriors.

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