Hi in the army list thread I posted my list a few days ago. I'm reconsidering the hero choices, as I find that I might need something to hold my flank, therefore considering an oathstone.

in the list now there's 4 characters

Lord 301 pts
Shieldbearers, GW,GA

Thane BSB 160 pts

Dragonslayer 50 pts
Slayer axes
(cheap and handy against fliers landing behind my line etc, plus expendable in price and as he's a slayer and wants to die )

Runesmith 151 pts
3x RoSpellbreaking (or MRoBalance,RoSpellbreaking, haven't decided)

What I want to fit in is another Thane o' pain with an oathstone, I would of course cheap up the BSB's offense though. To be able to give him the MRoSwiftness along with some hitting power, maybe giving the BSB MRoFlight instead in that case.

hopefully you've got some ideas considering my army list. I still hope to keep the slayer so I'm hoping you won't be too hard on him =P. I'm actually thinking of replacing the Lord, but then I would have to change my whole army considering the hammerers wouldn't be worth the poitns IMO.