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Thread: Dwarven Campign

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    I've already posted this in Rules development but I think I may get mire success here:

    Ok well I've thought about this and have decided to attempt to create a dwarven camapaign pack (ala War of the Beard ot Grudge of Drong).

    The basic idea I've had is that the driving idea is the dwarves of a certain hold are sick and tired of sharing it with Skaven/Greenskins, so the king decided that he wants his home back and has called a crusade of sorts. The dwarves are taking the fight to them.

    So I'm looking for help, I want ideas on how to create this and types of scenarios to include. I also want to make a few special characters for both sides, say a max of three per side?

    Also each scenario would need to be cumulative, if one side wins one their next scenario they gain some sort bonus and the others maybe a penalty.

    ie dwarves loose one game and the next game because they lost before they have less war machines or something. etc

    Now a few ideas I've had:
    • One scenario to involve a small dwarf force falling up a skaven one, a vanguard so to speak. The dwarves to be mainly miners (restrictions removed) and warriors, the idea is to make sure no skaven unit above US? leaves the table. The skaven roll for a table edge to escape from and the dwarves appear from another random one, dwarves get first turn.
    • A ambush scenario. A dwarven artillery/food train is travellng the Ungdrin (the underway) and are abushed by skaven. The dwarves must get at least two food carts off the boardedge, the skaven must destroy at least three. Skaven go first, to destroy a cart they must remain in contact for a turn (with US5+) to do this they capture it etc. The war machines of the dwarves may fire but have to roll on a D6 to unlimber the machine read to fire.
    • A small scenario involving skaven attempting to gain access to a dwarf tresure vault, maybe using the Boarder patrol rules. If dwarves win then characters and special unit champs get extra rune allowance due to the runeic weapons/armour in the vault. If the Skaven win they get some sort of bonus maybe they melt the armour to make heavy armour for them? Stornvermin get gromril armour?
    new ideas:

    Now last night I jotted down a few more ideas on the battles and such, please bare in mind they're in the Work In Progress (WIP) stages and will need lots more work and feedback. But I want to know your thoughts on them and what help you can offer.

    These are not in any specific order or anything.

    Scenario 1: The Vanguard encounter

    The dwarven vanguard attack skaven close to the top levels, The skaven are attempting to flee the tunnels to warn the clan of the dwarfish attack.

    Rules: Skirmish rules (either warhammer Skirmish or from back of BR

    Skaven start in a 12" x 12" square in middle of the board, the dwarves enter via a random table edge.

    Win conditions: The skaven must get six models of a randomly determined table edge, failure to do so results in a dwarf win.

    Forces: 250pts, no magic items

    Skaven: 1 hero, clanrats and skaven slaves. Half the pts must be spent of skavenslaves, due to them doing the demeaning jobs of digging etc

    Dwarves: 1 Miner hero (Thane - GW, GA), Miners & Warriors. Half the pts must be spent on miners (as they're the ones who got them there), warriors can't have a save better than 5+ (due to the need to be silent and stealthy).

    Scenario 2 = Ambush on the Underway

    A dwarven artillery/food/gromril/equipment train is ambushed by a larger skaven force while attampting to reinforce the dwarven army. The foul ratmen attempt to destroy the trains and/or delay/stop the reinforcements arriving, the dwarves will push on to stop the skaven from getting hold of their goods.

    Rules: Ambush, the dwarf player marks an order of march and places his units that way, but the carts/war machines may be placed within the centre with units on the outside. the war machines maybe used but first they must unlimber, so on a 4+ the war machine is unlimbered and able to fire next turn.

    Skaven goes first as they have the element of surprise.

    Forces : 1000pts

    Skaven has 750pts more than the dwarves, but may have no warp fire throwers or WFcannons. (This is because they're to heavy and cumbersome to get into position without giving them away, and the WFT is too much of a unstable and is more likely to give them away)

    Dwarves: No war machines, miners or rangers maybe chosen. The general must have Gromril armour, the train guard will be Ironbreakers, warriors and thunderers (a well protected train and to give them a chance of winning)

    The dwarves get three-four free war machines (cannon, ST or BT) and must start the battle touching the cart in front (its being wheeled there). Carts x 6 : M6, WS4, BS3, S4, T5, W4, A2, LD9, SV4+ (combines the mules, crew and the cart itself), the crew have HA, HW, X-bows.

    Win Conditions: If the dwarves can get three carts off the table edge then they win regardless of anything else. If the skaven can destroy over half the carts then they win, or if they kill all the dwarves (no one then left to led the carts).

    Scenario 3 - Protect the Past

    A skaven force are attempting to break the protective runes on a vault and then desecrate the deads graves inside. A small dwarf force has been sent to stop this and to restore the runes.

    Rules: Boarder Patrol, Take and Hold

    The skaven get four free engineers, they may NOT cast spells or attack/shoot. They must all remain in btb with a selected terrain piece, as they are too busy attempting to break the ancient dwarf runic magic. The dwarves get a free runesmith who must aim to get to the terrain and restore the runes, if able he must ALWAYS move toward the piece.

    Forces: 500pts, NO war machines allowed (it's a race to the end)

    Skaven:Four free engineers + Normal boarder patrol rules
    Dwarves: One free Runesmith + Normal boarder patrol rules (character maybe Runesmith any may help the other in his job)

    Win conditions: If the four engineers remain the entire game in btb with the terrain and no runesmith is touching it, then it counts as a skaven win. If one Runesmith is touching the terrain piece then it counts as a draw. If the dwarves kill two engineers AND have one Runesmith in btb then it counts as a dwarf win if the dwarf player can roll a 4+ on a D6 (represents him resealing the runes and not enough enginners to stop him) then it's a dwarven victory.

    Skaven win: Stormvermin get gromril armour (4+ sv) & clanrats get +1Sv
    Dwarf win: Special unit champions may have 25pts of runes & banners at 75pts

    Scenario 4 = Assault on the Shrine
    The dwarven advance army finds the holy shrines of Valaya, Grimnir and Grungni under attack, inside a small force of priests hold out against the odds. Seeing their breathren in trouble the dwarf army falls on the skaven from behind, and attempt to liberate the holy shrines.

    Rules: Flank attack

    The priests force setup in a 12" x 12" square in middle of the board, the skaven then setup 18" from this (may be deployed on any side of the dwarves ie surrounding them). The priests must hold out for three turns then the relief force shall appear from any table edge, due to their unwillingness to leave the shrines the priests and their units are stubborn and immune to panic (they know they have nowhere to run)

    Forces: Skaven: 2500pts (Chosen normally), dwarf priests: 1500pts, dwarves: 1500pts

    Skaven: Normal choices allowed
    Dwarven Priests: Three heros - two thanes (one with no save beter than 4+ & must have a runic weapon) & one Runesmith + Ibs, slayers, warriors and crossbowmen, max TWO war machines
    Dwarves: Normal choices allowed, excpet no war machines, rangers, hammerers

    Win conditions: If the skaven end the game with more units (US10) inside the dwarven deplyment zone than there is dwarven units then they win. If the flanking dwarves can get two units into the priests DZ then it counts as a dwarf win.

    So there you have it, a few ideas. Needs work and such but what do you think? Feedback wanted.


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    Sounds good. I think all you have to do is add more missions. There can be one like a trade off. Or the Skaven want some of the Dwarf's warmachines and try to steal them. The reason would be like in the Skavenslayer. If they get the warmachines then they'll add and make a warpstone affect. You can have it, if the Skaven win, were Skaven can get one of the Dwarf's warmachines and add an effect to it. Another mission could be Dwarfs just mining and they run into a pit were Skaven are mining for warp stones, if that is how they get the warp stone. Well you do what you want. Keep up the work. It sounds cool.

    Hi, ho, hi, ho, its off to slaugther we go... -A Dwarf Battle Song

    Let us die even as we rush into the midst of battle -Virgil

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