A match against Wood Elves - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    A match against Wood Elves

    I am participating in small Local Tournament. My last match is against Wood Elves, which i have never played against, however i played some proxy wood elves to get taste and learn the movement phase of the Game. So I know them and what they are capable of.
    What i am looking for is how to cope them with dwarfs.
    1300 points of the army list is fixed allowing 700 points to customize army for each match.

    My main list is 1318 pts. consists of,
    Lord on Shield Bearers. Gw Rune of Stone Rune of Resistance MoChallenge and Furnace.
    19 FC Hammerers
    10 quarellers.
    20 Fc Warriors.
    12 Gw shield Warriors.
    Organ gun
    Bt Engineer BraceoPistols, Runepenetrating+Flame
    these are fixed and can not be changed.

    I plant to put a thane bsb. (1+ armor save immune killing blow +1 str and flaming to cope with ward save)
    Runesmith with 2 scrolls shields
    19 LB with Master rune of grugni.
    Bt Engineer BraceoPistols, Flame and Master rune of immolation. (perhaps +1 hit to flyers instead) to surprise him.

    My opponent will field Hoda Helm of hunt Alter, lvl4 spellweaver (perhaps lore of beast) with starfire arrows. 2 Gladeguard, 2 dryads. Glade riders, 6 wardancers. treeman. In addition what i suspect is he will field warhawk riders, wild riders, waywatchers or great eagle.

    How to field my army is my main question. Should i put Strong units in flanks? Try a refused flank option? Wait for him to come or go to him? Who to choose to lure with Master rune of challenge; Alter, waywatchers or warhawk riders?
    I know that he is going to kill my organ gun at start, should i cut something (and what?) to bring master engineer to entrench my organ gun?

    thanks in advance.

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    If he is smart he will Magic carpet his deployed forest with his tree man behind it or in itthen charge through it this way you cant shoot it
    I know you may find the Tyranids physically repellent to look at but believe me, you don't want to let them out of your sight.

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