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    Topic of the Week - Organ Gun

    This is the start of a new series, that will hopefully bring new ideas and tactics to the forums. Each week, a new topic will be posted up about a different unit in the army book. This gives you your chance to discuss the unit to its fullest. So, please leave your comment!

    This week's topic is - Organ Gun

    How do you use the machine? What is the best target for them? Why take this over the Gyrocopter or Flame Cannon?



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    Opinion: just like boltthrowers, this thing is brilliant!

    Best target: everything. Knights especially, but enemy monsters are often afraid too.

    The flamecannon is a bit mediocre compared. It's flame template is pretty cool, str 5 and D3 wounds is not bad either ( now that I think of it, it might rock against ogres, massed minotaurs and big brettonian lance formations ) but the fact that the organ gun doesn't give a darn about cover, long range, skirmish and whatnot is what makes it one of our best warmachines. It can decimate an enemy unit, even if they have high saves ( -3 modifier rules! ) and this thing is the bane of every type of knight in the game, most of all elven knights ( T3 and 2+ saves, hehehe ). When I roll a good volley, one knight survives if he is lucky.

    I usually dump it in the middle of my battleline between two infantry units, to create some kind of killzone. Recently it has exploded with increasing regularity but the psychological effect it has on opponents is invaluable. They will sometimes sacrifice units to bring it down quikly, or focus all of their missile fire onto it. Usually it is still standing after such volleys, and I just return devastating fire. Once against woodelves in turn one it got shot at by a hail of doom arrows ( which rolled high ), 3 arrows from another alter noble and 10 gladeguards, and I lost just a single crewmember. Then I blew up his alter noble.

    In my opinion the only downside is the unpredictable number of shots ( so lucky we can reroll ) and that it misfires rather easily.
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    First, An explanation from a previous post of mine.

    Organ 24" S5 Armor Piercing, Artillery dice Auto Hit.
    You declare that you are using your organ gun against an enemy unit.
    You roll the artillery dice. Then! Measure the distance, so if the distance is greater than 24" the shots are wasted.

    The number on the artillery dice is the number of shots that hits the target. You do not roll to hit again. Just roll to wound.
    Artillery Dice reroll:
    You may get to reroll your artillery dice if the roll is not misfire.
    If the first roll is misfire consult to misfire chart.
    If the second roll is misfire no shots are fired, you may continue to shoot next turn.
    As a rule of thumb. Reroll results of 2 and 4 on artillery dice.

    Example1. A unit of blackguards ahead.
    You declare to shoot at them.
    Roll Artillery dice = 8, 8>4 keep it.
    Measure the distance Distance<24" cool, roll 8 to wound

    Example2. A unit of blackguards ahead.
    You declare to shoot at them.
    Roll Artillery dice = 4, 4=4 reroll it.
    ReRoll Artillery dice=4, sorry you have to keep it
    MEasure the distance Distance<24" cool, roll 4 to wound

    Example3. A unit of blackguards ahead.
    You declare to shoot at them.
    Roll Artillery dice = 10 nice! keep it
    Measure the distance Distance>24" bad distance guess, shots are wasted, are you a dwarf or what? how come you may not guess distance to a fraction of an inch!

    Example4. A unit of blackguards ahead.
    You declare to shoot at them.
    Roll Artillery dice = misfire, sorry you can not reroll it, cross your fingers for misfire chart roll!

    Example5. A unit of blackguards ahead.
    You declare to shoot at them.
    Roll Artillery dice = 2, reroll.
    ReRoll Artillery dice: misfire! Sorry this turn organ gun decided to sleep. Try your chance next turn.

    Whatever i decided to use them against is another thing depends on the situation.
    Organ gun is our best flank protector, best unit against skirmishers, fast cavalries.
    Put 1 or 2 organ gun in field, your army's flanks would be well protected.
    I do not like to shoot with it to T5 or more enemies, this job is reserved for Bolt throwers and cannons.

    My priorities with organ guns.
    Shoot at fast cavalry, knights, skirmishers, Low toughness flying things (harpies terradons etc.)
    Lone fast moving characters. Which are all the units likely to reach behind of my line and mix the things in my rear.
    Shoot at enemy death star units or other infantry to give rank-crowd advantage to my units.
    Shoot at high toughness units if they have less than 3 wounds and organ gun has nothing else to do, incase i may give 1-2 wouns and

    That is my policy. I try to get 1 organ gun in my army and try to reserve the other for gyrocopter in 2k games.

    Gyrocopter i believe can't be compared with organ gun or flame canon, it's niche is different.

    I like the flame cannon it won a tournament game for me in the past. But even it is more reliable than organ gun, more effective against infantry blocks and able to force panic test, it is not a flank protecter as an organ gun and In a dwarf army Organ gun is > Flame canon.
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