Topic of the Week - Rangers - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Topic of the Week - Rangers

    This is the start of a new series, that will hopefully bring new ideas and tactics to the forums. Each week, a new topic will be posted up about a different unit in the army book. This gives you your chance to discuss the unit to its fullest. So, please leave your comment!

    This week's topic is - Rangers

    Why would you take these? Are the command options worth it? Which unit is the best to upgrade into rangers? What are their tactical uses?



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    Rangers are a unit of dwarfs which can make our enemy a bit confused. Who will expect a dwarfs unit to be setup closer then 12" from a center of table?? Also most of people will expect to see miners rather then rangers.
    Are they wort points which they cost?? it is additional +2 points per model but.. they must b equipped with a great weapon what add an +1 point per model. 11 points for a basic ranger. It is exactly same as for a miner. with a very similar option and it can save a special unit slot.
    We can upgrade a unit of warriors or Quarellers in addition it can be a unit of Longbears.
    I'll use them for sure in marching army!!!! If I am lucky they may charge i first round of battle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mission impossible??????????? Possible: As a scout unit they can't be visible for an enemy. Set them up behind a hill but 12" from strozilla's rune. at the beginning they will move 6" then in movement phase 6" and in shooting if you have anvil 6" charge.
    if I'll be not able to do it I'll wait for my enemy and in 99% they will put more attention to rangers then to the rest of my army.

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