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    3500Pts vs 2X1750 WoC + O&G [Battlereport w/pics]

    This Saturday I played a 3500 pts game against 2x1750 Orcs and Goblins and Warriors of Chaos. Here is a battlereport ive made. I had a camera with me, but I forgot to take a single picture! So it’s just some charts for you to look at. It’s better than nothing I think. So here we go!

    … they were still out in the open terrain after the last battle. The lord had hoped to reach the mountain range just a couple of miles more. There it would be easier to defend, but the warriors of chaos were fast, and they did not come along.Scouts had told the lord a couple of days before the greenskins are with them.Surely the pesky creatures just want someone to fight, and the chaos just used their stupidity to their advantage.

    Chariots and riders tried to outrun the dwarf army, and did get the higher ground. The lord knew they would come around his army sooner or later, so he found a good place for his defense. He stretched out his army so that the enemy had to go through two bottlenecks between a abandoned house and some forest. He did notget to the hill he wanter, it would be the perfect spot for his war machines,but the short legs of the dwarfs aren’t known for running fast. He just had to use what he already got.

    He ordered his men to hide some war machines in a forest, and a couple more on theother side of the field covering the bottleneck near the abandoned house.Hiding his war machines would give his enemy a good scare, thought the lord. Some young warriors got the job to defend the war machines in the forest, while the rest were about to close the gap between two forests. Quarrellers lined up to shoot everything that came out on the other side, keeping the back of the mainline clear from flankers.

    A warrior spotted an incoming flying object from south west. The lord saw it, and he could see a smoke cloud coming after it. In came a gyrocopter with the purpose to aid him in battle. With him came a runelord with his anvil. The copter hurried to unload the copter with his luggage. He saw the whole army from above, and could report to the lord what he saw.

    Enemy turn 1:

    Spiders came pouring out of the forest nearby, and the lord was not happy. He hated spiders... and these even had greenskins riding them!

    Dwarf turn 1:

    He’d rather fight a good fight with those incoming trolls and ogres than those wimpy and disgusting creatures, so he ordered his men to shoot them down before they got closer to his lines. And he proceeded to wheel his battle line to close the gap between the two forests.

    The copter hurried forward to confuse the trolls and ogres. They would probably stand there looking at him hovering over them. But hovering was not exactly what his copter did when he flew over the enemies lines. The copter did some hiccups and it did not sound good at all. He had to land right in between the enemies lines! Some goblins were so eager to fight they came like wild animal, swinging huge metal balls.They were not a pretty sight to look at, but the engineer flying the copter could not look so long before they hammered his ride to pieces and soon after smashing him.

    The lord saw the smoke from the copter, and he knew somethingwent wrong. This was not a part of his plan at all. He ordered the runelord to strike some dogs running straight towards his line. The runelord lifted his hammer and hit the anvil as hard as he could, ppffffftsszz. The runelord looked up and met the eyes of the lord, they were not happy! At the other side of the battlefield bolts from the crossbowmen found their way to the enemies hearts.The flame cannon did not work properly, and they had to find the problem before the greenskins come closer!

    Enemy turn 2:

    More spiders came pouring out from the forest in the middle of the field. They were luring in front of the Ironbreakers, just by the forest. Cursing and swearing came from the greenskin riders, trying to irritate the ironbreakers and make them charge foolishness into the forest. Some more of those fanatics got pushed out from the front ranks of the goblin lines. They were just spinning around in the open field. Both armies just look at them do their thing, and wondered where they would spin to next.

    Bolts came flying in and they were clearly aiming at the lord, but some unfortunate bodyguards were hit instead. Dogs came barking into the woods, they could smell the the war machines, but they did not enter.

    Dwarf turn 2:

    Seeing the enemies battle line squish themselves together, the lord found the opportunity to run forward. His decision made the bottleneck closer and the enemy had to take some decision on how to approach the marching dwarfs. The ironbreakers were not tricked by the sneaky gits riding the spiders, but they saw the incoming orc horde, and turned to face them.

    The crew manning the flame cannon got it working again, and shot after the orcs. Flames pouring out from where the cannonball hit were a tremendous sight. Goblins came out from the flames running to every side. Some dropped dead, while the others ran in panic.The bigger and tougher greenskins only got more angry from the pain the flames caused. The bol thrower saw a chariot roaming over the hillside, so he shot it down with a well placed shot right at the wheels. The riders were slung off and were killed in the sudden stop.

    The war machines on the other side of the table were not so lucky. Only two bullets managed to hit and kill.Grudge thrower tried to shoot the marauders, but the sling got hooked up in some trees, and Dwarfs arent the best climbers in this world. So they had to use some time to loosen it again.

    Enemy turn 3:

    Quarrellers could not do much when they witnessed the fanatics boring a hole in their fire line. The angered orcs came roaring towards the longbeards right afterwards. The Waaagh was powerful and they looked very angry! But the longbeard knew how to fight the orcs. They held their ground while the Thane did the killing. More orcs came running from behind the house. The goblins managed to put the fire out, and gathered up to face the dwarfs once again.

    Warriors of chaos had to stand aside before getting trampled between ogres and knights. They were squeezed out just as the Dwarf lord had hoped for. All the dwarfs embraced themselves for combat and held their shield wall steady. Casualties were made, but the gaps were quickly filled in. The numbers of the dwarfs were just too many to run over.

    The Runelord got surprised by the chariot coming in from around the forest. He was busy finding the reason for why the runes did not work when the chariot came slamming in to his anvil.The anvil guards threw themselves to the ground, only to raise up again shortly after. They all engaged the chariot with their best effort.

    Dwarf turn 3:

    Ironbreakers charged into the flank of the orcs to aid the longbeards. The dragonslayer finally saw an opportunity to get in a fight, and hid behind the hill to surprise the incoming orcs.

    The longbeards showed hot to win the combat to the lord and he fled. They did their best to run after him,but a everyone knows a dwarf cannot out run a horse (if they even can outrun anything!) The ogres were too busy looking at the running chaos lord, that they did not see the incoming axe from the dwarf lord. They saw too many casualties and turned and fled. But they did not come far. The Lord cut them down in their pathetic attempt to run away, only to face a new enemy. Everyone were at a good speed and they charged into the warriors standing right behindthe now cut down ogres. The lord went straight for the champion and slashed his head of before he could even begin his frenzy. The hammerers did the same,picked out a target and struck with all their might. Casualties were many, so the warrior lost their lust to fight.

    The runelord and his guards tried to surround the chariot but it was too quick. A few hits back and forth but none were wounded.

    Enemy turn 4:

    The lord turned around and hoping for another charge. Night goblins charges the longbeards, and the Orcs,after so much internal fights were now all thinking about the same thing.Killing dwarfs! They got their speed up and ran over the hill, only to see anaked man standing there. They were so distracted by this dwarf that some started to turn against him. So instead of running towards the fire line, the slammed into the slayer. Some dogs ran towards the bolt thrower, while the marauders finally got far enough trough the forest to attack the organ gun.

    Night goblins tries to do harm to the longbeards, but the casualties were not as high as their own. They were terrified by the invincible thane and tried to run away, only to get a axe stuck in their backs. Orcs though they signed up for fast food, but got surprised when a couple of orc were slain before their eyes by the naked dwarf.

    Marauders smashed the organgun, and walked towards the grudge thrower. Bolt thrower crew acted quickly andgot the upper hand in the combat. They killed a few dogs, who ran away befor doing any harm at all.

    The warriors of chaos had no chance of defeating the lord and his bodyguards. They killed some dwarfs but were out matched.

    Trolls walked over the warriors, and continued right past the bolt thrower.

    Dwarf turn 4:

    The chaos lord thought he could get another charge, but he was wrong. Longbeards and hammeres were right at his back, and charged head first into the knights. The thane commanded his longbeards to meet the combat around the forest, so did the ironbreakers.Quarrelers turned to shoot the trolls.

    The dwarf lord met the chaos lord in the clash, and he struck with all his might. But he felt his weapon got heavier thenit usually was. It was as if the runes inscribed to it lost its power. But he struck anyways to no luck. His blows were slow and easily dodged. All the little dwarfs did their best, but could not do much in the combat against their armour. The only way to ensure a win was to surround the chaos lord, but he fled before the dwarfs got around him. They followed right at his heels, ready to charge one more time.

    Enemy turn 5:

    The bolt thrower crew looked at the stupid trolls just continuing to walk forward. Those stupid creatures did not see the war machine after running over the dwarf warriors. They just walked forward. The marauders charge the stone thrower, and crushes it just like the organ gun before. Night goblins turn to join the battle with the Chaos lord, they actually think they can do something in this battle. The lord turns to face the inevitable charge. The dogs also come to their senses and turnaround. The slayer continues to slash down orcs. The chariot has too much pressure fighting a lord and two guards, and flee.

    Dwarf turn 5:

    The chariot thinks he is safe to turn around and fight, but the earth is cracking open besides him. The lord sees his fellow miners coming out from the ground. They must have been lost under ground somewhere, and without thinking stikes his runes and a huge CRAKk sound comes from the anvil. The miners feels the sudden power from the anvil,and hurries to get out and catch the fleeing chariot.

    Quarrellers who just turned and readied their bows had to duck for cover when a bruning bolt comes flying over their heads, only to miss the trolls.

    The other bolt thrower clears a rank of marauders.

    Dwarf lord and the BSB teams up once more to surround the knights.

    The battle is hard, the lord gets a wound and a coupple more dwarfs fall.

    Enemy turn 6: The greenskins can barely reach the rear of the longbeards unit, and the hero swing his mighty weapon. A few casualties were made, but not enough.

    Marauders charge the anvil and destroys it.

    Lord is finally surrounded by the dwarfs and is run down. The dwarf lord run up on the hill and smash the pesky bolt throwers who have sniped down his unit for too long. He is the king of this hill now!

    Dwarf turn 6: Goblins gets surrounded and is wiped from the battlefield.

    Three dogs, a handful of marauders, the stupid trolls and the orcs are all that is left. The slayer has one wound, Ironbreakers just has one or two casualties. Both the battle standard unit and the Lord unit have heavy casualties, but the thanes longbeards are pretty full. Just a few losses against the black orcs.

    Afterthoughts. The anvil should be deployed behind the middle forest instead of the flank. I thought I had the defense of the organ gun, but it mostly sucked.

    In fact, most of my war machines sucked when I needed them the most.

    AoD failed his 2+ way too many times

    flame cannon failed first round, then it was pretty decent.

    grudge thrower hit a horse and the lord + 2 dogs and 2 warriors, then misfired and had to wait a turn to shoot. And got killed before it could shoot again.

    Bolt throwers did great overall, but missed when I needed them to hit!

    Gyrocopter was struck down bythe luck of 2 fanatics in turn 1! BAH! I “knew” he had fanatics, so I hoped fora coupple of them to run down the tightly packed battle line in front of them. But they scattered right through the hole in their line. Lucky greenskins!!

    Miners – could have been great to stop the chariot. And that was my plan form the start, but they never showed up. Maby steamdrill ensures the arrival.

    Quarrellers – ok

    Warriors – speedbump! I like having sacrificial units to direct the chargers where I want. My plan was to have his trolls charge them instead of the hammerers flank, and run past the warmachine. And the plan worked. Actually better than I thought. They held pretty good.

    Combat blocks awesome! Too bad I could not use my ironbreakers at the main battle line with the lord. Pesky spiders running through forest. Pheh.. stupid.

    Over all I had bad rolling for shooting, but combat wen awesomely well! I made a few mistakes here and there.But hey, I won =D

    The chart may not be completely correct. For instance I had no count for where and who got casualties. Just some basic memory of it.

    My list can be found here (its not the complete one, I added an anvil, gyro, miners and some runes): http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...-1500-woc.html (3000 Dwarfs vs 1500 O&G + 1500 WoC)

    Enemies: (I could not get the complete list with equipment and stuff.)


    lord 339

    hero 145
    15 warriors+mark of khorne
    20 maruders+mark of khorne
    12 chaos hounds
    5 chaos knights+ mark of tzeentch
    6 chaos ogres+mark of Nurgle and "I swear too much"
    1 chariot

    O&G :

    black orc big boss
    orc hero battle standart
    goblin boss + great W
    25 orc boyz
    20 black orcs
    30 nights goblins+ 2 fanatics
    20 night goblins + 1 fanatics
    2 bolt throwers
    2 * 5 spider riders
    orc war chariot
    6 trolls

    (they were allowed to add lord as if the points were 2000 pts, but they only had 1750 to complete the armies. That way I could have 2 lords and they 2 lords together.)

    All art and charts done by me. Drawn with a Wacom Tablet on the computer.

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    Oups! posted this in the Dwarf section and not the Battlereport section.. bah!

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    i am happy to read this here infact. Good work, eventhough your machines failed you your troops did well.
    It was awin i guess?

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    Well fought, your army looks good and I can imagine 4 huge blocks of elite dwarfs looks particularily impressive on the table.

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    Whaaaa! I mean. ...some kind of dwarf battle hymn. A really nice report. It got me excited to play my dwarf army.
    The legions of Palos[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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