ULF witnesses official 8th Ed Test Game - WarSeer

Have you guys seen this? Herohammer and gunlinehammer. True line of sight, templates is "place and roll", everyone touching is hit! crossbows has salvo fire! and hangunners fire in two ranks!

Magic is more devastating, both for the user and the opponent. Alot of more spells, alot more powerdice (2d6+wizards can ass more) while defenders only get the highest of the two D6.. How can cope with this?

Light cavalery free movement + random charge lenght = first turn charges! Deployment of warmachines is important!

Im looking forward to all the scenarios and random forest rules. Makes it more "fantasy" ish with possible really dangerous forests, with possibilities to find items!

Not sure how good all these things are for dwarfs. but it will be fun to see whats happening.