3000pts against wood elves based on the 7th ed. - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    3000pts against wood elves based on the 7th ed.

    Hey guys. We are still playing 7th ed. based games. 8th ed. didnt made it to Cyprus (i dont know if it is available in other countries)
    Anw.What warmachines/fire units shall i put?
    2 organguns and 1 gyrocopter( or another 1 organgun) for sure....and i was also thinking of 2 units of 10 thunderers each....(to be put next to the warmachines) though they should missed cause WE are skirmishers....But anw.Bolthrowers wont do the job except if he bring a treeman or something....And canon....again nothing.
    What say you.

    Btw Thorgrim will be part of the army too!!!!

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    Try using a lot of chunky blocks, try to form a unbroken battleline of formations, anchored by terrain. Don't spend too much on just warmachines. Thorgrim is very nice, although kinda expensive. Maybe you are better off with a fully equiped 300 pts lord, and a unit of 20 warriors and 20 longbeards instead. As long as your line is not fragmented wood elves won't be able to do that much. Even warriors can deal with war dancers when charged in the front, I've done often enough. Shoot dangerous stuff and flyers down at the start, and also take the master rune of grungni with you on a unit banner of your hammerers, longbeards or Ironbreakers, it will be handy to have that save.

    I hope some of this helps. Of course if you like thorgrim you should just use him and not let me influence your opinion, I just feel he's a huge points sink. Challenge with him whenever you can though. He hits on 3's with a reroll, wounds on 2's, allows no armoursaves and does D3 or D6 wounds. You will rack up the maximum overkilll every time! And when fighting a unit of treekin, they'll go down in a single turn.
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