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    Is the Dwarf Lord worth the points?

    So, I was just over at Bugman's Brewery and saw a discussion on how useful the dwarf lord is. This post seems the most interesting for points, and in part I do agree. First off, the post...

    Quote Originally Posted by From Bugman's Brewery
    Typically your Lord is on shield bearers and in a unit of hammerers. You're loosing 2 S6 attacks and replacing them with 2 S4 (a negative) You then get your extra attacks. However, I don't see that 4 attacks at +2WS and 2 attacks at -2S are worth so many points over 2 S6 attacks. Just buy more models. Yes, your Lord is more defensive, but you get many more wounds from normal models at that price. As Sutr said there's a lot you could do with those points that would be more usefull than those attack/armour saves. He's also a lot of VP's when he goes down. Like others I don't think the LD 10 thing is worth it either since we have army wide Ld 9, stubborn, unbreakable, and immune to panic troops.

    I also consider characters to be more of a hinderance to us in challenges now (especially against large bases). In 7th you wanted to survive the challenge so you could strike back. That is not an issue now. Even against 20mm base models your troops will get 6 S6 attacks (considering elites with GWs), which probably works out similar to your Lord on shieldbearer damage (not considering runes). Against 40mm bases on the other hand you will get 8 S6 attacks!! I'd also rather loose several 12pt troops than risk a 200+pt Lord.

    In the above situations I think a Lord gives negligible benefit. In other situations he may give more, but I do not think those benefits warrant the price tag.
    So, when you think about it, what does the lord add to a unit? As most people know, and do, the best place for a dwarf lord character is usually front and centre of a Hammerer unit. He brings the immunity to fear and terror, making them a very hard unit to break when you factor in the stubborn rule. However, as said above, is taking him on his usual shield bearers worth the loss of -2S to those attacks his 'bearers replace on top of the lord's attacks? Perhaps, perhaps not.

    However, the above post does not cover his placement in other units. Of course the most obvious place is Hammerers, but what if he is placed in a unit of warriors or longbeards or ironbreakers? Is his points then justified?

    What do you think? Is the lord now worth his points, stats and then the runes on top? If you think differently, how would you change him? What would you use in his stead?


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    First that player assumes Nothing will pose a threat to your unit. He also assumes that you will not need to lock down anything. He assumes that Static CR is all you need by getting more models.

    What happens when a tooled up chaos lord gets to your unit? In 2 rounds, he will have killed all those extra models he bought and made you lose combat very badly.

    He also makes it seem like shield bearers are a loss. You Gain 2 points of armour. Also having a lord lets you pick off and bully other characters while your infantry crushes the rank and file.

    LD 10 is priceless. I never understand guys that say LD 9 is good enough.

    A dwarf lord has a psychological impact. Your opponent knows he will not die easily.

    The lord is an insurance policy that rarely fails. He doesn't have to be heavy in points either, you can have a light build for the benefits.

    He also lets you field and extra unit of longbeards. Because let's face it, who wants warriors when you can get longbeards?

    It comes down to playstyle, but he is definitely worth the points.
    Best Regards,

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    Short answer; yes.

    Long answer; yeeheeeees.

    Why would you use a lord without a great weapon or rune of cleaving anyway?
    No, the role of the lord is no longer to kill people and steal their lunchmoney. Why would we, we're decent people.
    No, no, no. You have to build your shieldbearerlord defensively to give the metaphorical finger to any big nasty greater daemon, lord on dragon and character on ridden monster etc. trying to kill a boatload of hammerers.

    Just today I fought a 2250 battle against Skaven. The horizon was covered from left to right in ratmen with a plaguefurnace with 40 monks, and a screaming bell with 50 clanrats. My hammerers fought the monks and in the first round 15 hammerers died. I focussed 1 of the lord's attacks on the priest ( who had gotten 1 wound from the cannon earlier.. sigh.., and the hit on the furnace was saved on a 6+ ward ) and killed it, and I focussed all of my lord and unit's attacks on the furnace that round, shattering it into a million pieces. Next round I had only 2 hammerers left, and the turn after they were all gone. My lord however, next to his battle standard bearer, stood his ground and continued to hack plaguemonks into pieces the next couple of rounds, untill they broke and the BSB and lord ran them down. Hihi!

    And I just can't keep this to myself While my lord and BSB were fighting their way through 20-30 odd monks, my cannon shot at the screaming bell parked behind them, both failed their wardsave, and I did 5 wounds to the grey seer ( which made me happy enough ) , and flipping 6 to the screaming bell! ha, ridiculous but o so awesome!!
    And that turn was filled with skaven scampering to safety everywhere without the ld7 bubble of the grey seer. 2 units of slaves exploded, a clanrat unit ran, and the plaguemonks broke. All in the same turn if I recall correctly.

    Anyway, where was I? Ld10 is a nice bonus, and certainly should not be underestimated. If my math doesn't fail me, the chance of failing a ld test is 3/36 ( the combinations 6-6, 5-6 and 6-5 ) , instead of 6/36 ( 6-6, 6-5, 5-6, 5-5, 5-4 and 4-5 ) on ld 9. It's not groundbreaking but it really is not mediocre. EVEN with the BSB reroll. Bad stuff happens and you won't always be within BSB range. Recently I played the breakpoint scenario, MroChallenged a griffon towards me ( who made a failed charge btw ) and failed the terror test twice... then I ran 7 inch right to the edge of the table, and according to opponent and bystanders because I had to go through my organ gun on the way it nudged me a millimeter further on off the table due to the 1 inch rule.. ( pretty sure it wasn't the case btw but whatever ) . And so my general, BSB and unitbanner died. I hope my opponent liked it, because breakpoint reach end of game, so much fun in 3 or so turns

    Bitterness grumble...

    Killing a screaming bell in 1 cannonshot made up for it though.

    The lord is a defensive king. My own has shieldbearers, great weapon, rune of stone, rune of resistance and master rune of steel, and a master rune of spite to top it off. Noone has ever killed him yet, except for a fluke purple sun, where we did not know he got a look out sir roll.

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    Dwarflords are just awesome. That's an answer I just like them and thats why i take them

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