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    some questions from a begined dewarf

    hi all
    I have been quietly collecting up dewarf models for a few years . Now that 8th edition is out people are starting to play fantasy at my LGS . I usually play O & G , but broke down and bought the dewarf codex and a box of warriors a month or so ago .

    people seem to be playing the 2k pt level , and i can easily do that with the models I have .

    here is what i have ( with out proxy models and everything WYSIWYG)

    22 thunders full command

    44 warriors full command shield and hand weapons ( i have a few extra command sets as well )

    10 rangers full command( warriors with Great weapons and shields modeled )

    40 miners , + about 3 full command sets and 1 drill guy

    2 cannons ( skull pass cannons and crews )

    6 slayers

    16 hammerers with shields and full command ( these have been made from warrior models with the hammers ) i figured they would pass muster for wysiwyg as the codex says great weapon , hand weapon , heavy armor . i just have the hammer modles as a hand weapon ,
    ( would hard core gamers r tournament players / judges object to this ? the guys at my LGS won't care )

    heroes and lords :
    joespf bugman
    3 thane models ( skull pass )
    dewarf lord great weapon
    rune smith x 2
    rune lord x 1
    several models that will make good BSBs

    I have been picking up dewarf models here and there , when i can get a good deal , or sometimes they turn up when i guy a used army , so i have a good but unbalanced collection , that does not have a clear theme or direction .
    In a 2k match I will be troop heavy , but think that will work ok . I figure to run a big block of gunners , a horde or warriors and a unit of rangers with bugman . the troops cost out around 900 to 1000 pts , i figure the only question here is do i run the 40+ warriors as a horde and park my BSB and a rune lord in there or do i break it up into 2 units ?

    the tough choices come in the 500 pts for the special slot limit .
    the obvious choice is to take the 2 cannons , which will run me 200 points roughly
    so i have about 300 pts left for special units .
    Basically do i take the hammerers or miners . if i take all the hammerers i will have enough left for about 6 maybe 7 miners . or am i better off to drop the hammerers and go for a big unit of miners , or maybe even 2 units of miners .

    i read the thread
    Article: Elite Dwarf units part 2; Hammerers

    and it was informative , and gave good advice on how to use them . However i am unsure if miners or hammers would be better .

    on an additional note , what am i better off spending my $$$ on , when i buy more models , i was looking at the anvil of doom , but the $$ cost is a lot and after reading the thread on it i think i will give it a pass , gyros seem to be a weak idea as well . i am thinking flame cannon , more warriors , or a cannon / organ gun ( which i can magnetize ) .

    anyway that is my problem .
    advice would be appreciated .

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    I am new as well, but I have read that teh Anvil of Doom is GOLD, even at its cost. Also, my local GW guy and another fellow player of dwarfs swear by it as well. You seem to have plenty of core units. Maybe consider some Ironbreakers, or another 5 slayers to feild a 10 block.
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