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Thread: Just checkin'

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    Just checkin'

    Was not sure if this belonged in the Rumors section or here, but seeing as it is not actually a rumor, i put it here.

    Does anybody know if our good friends at GW are planning on releasing a new edition of Dwarfs in the next 24 months?? What's the probability that this may happen? Are they due for an update?

    I ask this because i may be about to blow some hard earned dollars on new dwarf army, last thing i want is to get all this stuff, only to have a new army book and mini's be released 4 months later.



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    Latest i have heared is that armies in the pipeline for fantasy are in no particular order;
    Tomb kings (been in progress for a whilebut have made way for better sellers like skaven),
    Ogre Kingdoms (been going nearly as long as TKs as they need a much overdue rewrite, but also sidelined for same reasons),
    Orcs and Goblins (another big seller that needs a little update to bring it inline with more modern forces and may precede OK and TK),
    Wave releases (although you get models with a new army release, more and more often your getting some models held back for months at a time, example being that skaven wave releases are meant to continue into the new year in january).

    Basicaly i think your safe. GW may have cracked down on rumors but theres always a general gist of things to come. Theres at least a year and a half of fantasy releases i've mentioned that we have a "good" idea of, and thats not counting the 40K releases that may be in the pipeline like wave releases for DE, new Grey Knights and Inquisitors, Necrons, and surprise releases like maybe Chaos Marines or dare i say another Marine Chapter -_- .

    Even if dwarfs were to be released in the near future in the biggest sneak attack GW have ever pulled off, i dont see the plastic core being updated or any of the plastic war machines. There may be a plastic Iron Breaker/Hammerer box set where you can make one of the two units from the same set (which would be smart), plastic slayers (seems as orcs are meant to be getting plastic savage orcs), or new units. Its why dwarfs dont seem to be in the fireing line for an update anytime soon. Alot of plastic models, with little need to update exsisting units.

    I'd go for it.

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    Keeper of Records and Ale King Ulrik Flamebeard's Avatar
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    As far as the rumours say the Orcs and Goblins are due February, followed by Tomb Kings, Ogre Kingdoms, Bretonnians and Wood Elves. Or it should be, these are the armies that have not been updated since 6th edition. After that it is unknown what they are planning to do yet, but GW doesn't update by need, but rather of sales.

    Dwarfs do not have a great need to be updated, the army works fine - even better with 8th edition - but an update would be nice. Hopes and dreams though.


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