Right if you don't listen to this podcast, you should. It is a UK podcast aimed at the tournament scene here in the UK. That aside the hosts are very good and know warhammer well.

The episode in question is in essence a whole two and a half hours of dwarf discussion. The guest host, Andy Spiers, is one of the best Dwarf players on the UK tournament and he discusses his army and thoughts on the dwarfs in 8th ed.

I really liked the show and some of the ideas with the dwarfs Andy had were really interesting. I'll briefly cover the ones I remember...

He has taken a step away from gunlines and instead going for very large units; he has three units all of them 25 - 30 in size. He holds them in the horde formation, (except for the large unit of longbeards where he goes deep in ranks for a steadfast anvil), and apparently they smash quite a bit.

In addition to this, he uses one block of missile units; 22 quarrellers with musician and standard; armed with great weapons. Reforming them into a block you have a nice big unit; with S5. Nasty.

He uses SLAYERS. Again in horde formation, this unbreakable block of 30 hurts a lot of things. With the bigger charge range, these guys have chance of smashing some stuff up. In addition to this, he used a dragon slayer, with RoSpeed and RoFire. Yes, a I6 slayer with flaming attacks. Bye, bye Hydra.

He also finds the gyro useful once again.

Basically, I really liked the episode and has made me think a little about my dwarfs and how I build my army. I am considering different builds and looking at units I might have dismissed in later editions.

Oh.. and 100 Longbeard Rangers in horde formation with throwing axes.