Hello fellow Thanes and Lords

With the 8th edition, i am trying to use different types of warmachines against different opponents. I like to share my experiences with you. This comparison won't take rare-special slots into consideration.

Cannon: backbone of our warmachine group.
Normal shot: 48" S10 d6 wound. Auto hit. Usually wounds everything 2+.
Grape Shot: 12" s5, D10 hits. you have to roll for hits also.
Runes: Rune of Burning and Forging, as usual

When i am forming my army, i always put 1 cannon and think about putting another one.

Wtih the easines of new Cannon shooting rules; you usually hit what you want to. However you have to be carefull to place your cannon. Because, in rules you have to see the initial spot that you want your the cannon ball to fall. Try to place it high ground or to a bit more to front lines.
as the wounds it gives increased. It is easier for us to kill large things. But i found that it is still viable to kill infantries. They are better than grudge throwers in killing, High armored, tough units like Saurus or Warriors of chaos.

Grudge Throwers: Rain of hell.
12" to 60" range. S3 no partial small template, hole s9 with d6 wound. with a posibility of dispersing from the initial point of hit. Ability of indirect shot is valuable.
Runes: Rune of accuracy and Rune of penetrating usually.
Total units in the army: 0 to 2
This warmachine became awesome with no partial hits in Templates. however lost its power with becoming s3 and armor save allowed. Therefore i try to strengthen my warmachine with rune of penetrating. In addition i try to put an engineer, incase i need to do an indirect shot, as you know in indirect shot if the scatter dice comes hit, it will disperse to the way of small arrow as much as the number on the artillery dice minus the balistic skill of the most accomplised model. By putting an engineer i make sure that upto 4" it is like a direct hit.
How i use Grudge thrower: I usually place it to back lines, since i have indirect shot feature, i always have some line of sight to something. It works wonders with 20x20 baseminiatures with low armor, like elves, empire units. it is good vs 25x25 base marauder units. However cannon is always better than grudge thrower versus high armored tough units. If i know the opponents, i choose to put an extra cannon instead of grudge thrower. Even they do not field high armor tough units. My cannon is for sure to remove 4 to 6 models from large units each turn.
Also it is easier to hunt warmachines, demon princes, stegadons, steam tanks etc with grudge throwers. Sometimes, your cannons, are not in good view to hurt these troublesome units, because there is a unit infront of them or there is a baricade which will stop cannon ball. Since we can limit dispersing of the template with rune of accuracy, and with new targeting rules we have nearly %60 chance to score a direct hit on those with an open view.

Bolt Thrower: I really don't use this warmachine, 45 pts is usally a filler. if i suspect that there will be ambushers or some unit to breach my lines to hunt my machines. i get one to delay the attackers. they are usually distractions to warmachine hunters. Since cannon and grudgethrower really got better, even they are more expensive they earn the cost.

Organ gun: What i say, you put an organ gun on the army list first then you form the rest of the army.
24" S5 AP artillery dice auto hit, with a tendency to blow up frequently
or you have reroll of the first dice.
These are again your flank protectors, skirmisher hunters. Nothing changed for me for this units.
How i use: They are usually put with line with my infantry blocks. Bewteen infantry blocks. to a bit right or left sides of the line. Target Priority. 1-) Line breachers (fast cavalry, skirmisher, tunnelers, scouts.) 2-)tough and fast units, (knights, demons, chariots, ogre sized models), 3- Rank and File units

Flame gun: IT was not really good in 7th, it became really useless with 8th.
12" flame template s5 flaming d3 wounds, no partials. You can't use it in the first turn, you will have maybe 1 or two shot opportunities in the whole game, since combats start quicker. You have better options for the points

Gyrocopter: I do not consider this in Warmachines actually.
It lost its purpose with new march blocking rules. But i try to refer to King Ulrik Flamebeard's suggestion to use it as back line protector.
2 s4 attacks Ws4 T5 3 wounds and fly.
Flame template, s3 AP with partial hits .
If they correct the partial hits, i will use gyrocoper more. It will be the best machine to hunt T3 units.
To make it a friendly game, i try not to put more than 4-6 warmachines in a 2500 pts army.
My warmachine slots will include:
2 organ guns
1-2 cannon
0-2 GT
Total of this won't exceed 5.
in addition for the 6th
1 anvil.
As i stated before I don't count gyro as a warmachine. it is not included in the list.
Sorry for any off sentences, or grammer errors.