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Thread: An old newbie

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    An old newbie

    Hello everyone

    I need some help. I started playing warhammer and W40k in the 1980's playing 2nd and 3rd edition. In the early 90's I moved onto plaing bloodbowl. I then packed it all away in the loft and forgot about it. Then as a way to give up smoking and because my wife didn't belive I had painted the figures I kept on a shelf in my office I started to paint some of my old Dwarf.

    I have a new project - an all metal 5k army to be put together. But I have a few questions.

    I have today picked up the latest army book for dwarfs and I am waiting for a copy of Warhammer 8th edition. Now did a new army book come out with 8th or is the one I got today a 7th edition - does it matter?

    In the book there is a referece to Dog's of War being avliable to hire but I can't find anything on the website?

    Are there any rules for some of my old figures?

    Prince Ulther's Imperial Dwarves - The Dragon Company
    I also seem to have a halfling hotpot!

    I have purchased a few more models on e-bay and have the core of 200 figures purchased so far - no plastic appare from bases and sheilds

    Now I just need to get it all painted.


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    i think the army list is on PDF somewhere, you may need to look around a bit to find it though. GW are kinda starting to phase out the old Dogs of war stuff now, it isn't featured in the newer versions of the army books. also, the book should be the right one, we havn't had an 8th ed book yet...

    hope this helped.

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    Lo, and welcome back.

    Dogs of War are to all intents and purpose are a dead army. GW would much rather no one mentioned them again for a long time, at least not unless they find a way to spin some significant money from them. I would still use your DoW models though, just find a unit in the army book that you could say they are similar enough to, and use the rules for that, i.e. you Halfling Hot Pot could act as a Cannon or Grudge Thrower in Your army.

    We may be using an army book from early 7th edition but it can still be quite competative once you get the hang of what you need in 8th eddition, it may not be one of the top tier armies but you wont be disapointed. With any luck we will get a new book next year but we're not stuggling like some armies (mainly Wood Elves who got the poop end of the stick when 8th ed came out).

    Here is the Link to the current Errata for Dwarfs in 8th edition:

    Also unlike 40K Warhammer is not so much WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get (so if you have a gun on the model you have a gun in the game)), meaning you could have your models stand in for mostly anything you like. It is nice to have models for the part but its not so important. I make this point becuase 8th Edition Dwarfs work alot better with great weapons in 8th edition than they do with shields. So you may equip all your guys with shields and then find you would rather have great weapons later on. Still it is no problem to just say they have what you want if you dont want to go about resculpting models.

    Another thing to consider is that if there are any current metal character models you want but dont yet have, now is your chance to get them. This is because games workshop have just started moving away from metal in favour of a resin type plastic they are calling thier "fine cast range", and will be casting current metal models in the resin as soon as they can. Its basicaly a get it while you can job with metal at the moment.

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