Found a great use for the crazy naked bearded heroes. Now that there's no limit to the amount of heroes we take beside the points, I've been taking 4 dragon slayers every game and using them to guard flanks and delay the enemy. Played a 1200 point game versus beastmen today and they proved to be invaluable. A couple things I used them for:

Delaying: move a dwarf slayer to be in the charge path between the enemy and any unit of yours. Now they have to charge the slayer or sit around for a turn, win-win. Using a second slayer behind the first, and even if they overrun they won't be able to hit your gunline/blocks for at least 2 turns. Against s3 enemies in particular, they have a good chance of lasting a couple phases.

Flank protection: Keep a slayer guarding your flank to buy a turn to reform, or defeat the enemy your facing. I placed 2 slayers on the right flank of my longbeards. In that game a unit of gors ambushed and came upon my right flank in turn 2. Moved a slayer in front of them, bought my longbeards a turn to charge a unit of minotaurs.

Those were the uses I've found for them, anybody has any other ideas?