Ok guys. I don't use alot of specialised units, and I'm not getting full on back into fantasy but I would like to start playing again atleast one day a week out of the 2-4 I go into the local GW at the moment. So I have a list of models I have and want to know if you guys could give me some ideas of how to run them in a list

Runelord with great weapon
Thorek Ironbrow
Daemon Slayer (Could use it as a Dragon slayer)
Lord on Oath Stone

Thane with Awx and shield (Battle for skull pass thane)
Runesmith with great weapon
2x BFSP Dragon Slayers

48 Warriors with hand weapon and shields - 2 Commands (Banner, Champion, Muso)
20 Thunderers

3 Cannons (BFSP)
24 Miners - 2xcommands no steam drill or charges
10 Slayers


Any list or tactics are appreciated