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Thread: Runes

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    This is a small thing I've wrote on runes. Vets will reconise the main points and thoughts on runes, but new player will hopefully see what's the better choices.

    (Note - I'm not a new player to FB but more a new gamer, so most the stuff here is heresay from others or just by looking at the runes and their abilities.)


    The Basics

    Amazingly many people get the rules for runes wrong, despite them being in the dwarf book. Shocking I know. But here's a quick guide of all you need to know -

    Each Master Rune maybe be used once per army
    Each item may bear a single Master Rune – but this is per item not per character
    Each item may have up to three runes
    You may not use the same combo in the same army (ie two weapons with a single RoCleaving)

    And now a few more thing's you'll need to know -

    Adding a rune to a weapon nulls all previous properties eg A Great Weapon looses the +2S but also no longer strikes last or is counted as being double handed. Effectively it's a hand weapon.
    Master Rune's of the banner variety may only be placed on the Battle Standard.
    Adding runes makes items magical. So a runic axe/armour/or cannon are have magical attacks

    So now you know the basics to making a runic item, onto the next section.

    To Rune Or Not To Rune

    Sounds an odd question does it not? For why would you not want a magic item? Well one simple reason is cost. It costs more to get a rune weapon/armour than the mundane version; look at it this way. It saves points on heros, making it less of a dint if they die and also makes them cheaper leaving more to spend on other stuff. But also the mundane version is cheaper – take a Great Weapon for example. For six or so points a lord can be strength six; and yes the drawbacks are that he strikes last and it's two handed. But compare this to making it a rune weapon; two runes of Cleaving costs forty points. You strike in initiative order yes, but with initiative four your lord will be striking last most the time anyway. So you've basically paid forty points to strike in I order and use a shield. Is that really a bargain?

    Always ask yourself that question before splashing out on runes, do you really need that many? Is it worth the points for the item(s)? Would a mundane version suffice?
    The Good, The Bad and the Meh

    So now you've decided that you want a runic item or two, but what runes? These are my thoughts and best use of said rune(s),

    Weapon Runes

    The Good

    Master Rune of Swiftness
    Rune Of Cleaving
    Rune of Fury
    Master Rune Of Alaric The Mad

    All very useful, extra strength and attacks come in handy often. Ignoring saves is for the can-openers versus heavy armour (Brets) and who doesn't like to strike first?

    The Bad

    Grudge Rune
    Rune of Speed

    Both quite pointless, the GR bearing character will easily be avoided and extra I? Why? A lord need two or three runes for it to even make a difference.

    The Meh

    Master Rune of Skalf Blackhammer
    Master Rune of Snorri Spangelhelm
    Master Rune of Flight
    Master Rune of Breaking
    Rune of Striking
    Rune of Fire

    All have uses, but limited.

    Armour Runes

    The Good

    Master Rune Of Gromril
    Rune of Resistance
    Rune of Stone

    Increase of save or increase the chances of a successful save; never pass that up.

    The Bad

    Master Rune of Steel
    Master Rune of Adamant
    Rune of Fortitude

    Too costly for what they do, if cheaper then maybe they'd be taken.

    The Meh

    Rune Of Shielding
    Rune Of Iron

    Useful at times, a lone roaming lord with a 2+ ward vs missiles? Or a 5+ ward on a thane? Not bad.

    Runic Standards

    The Good

    Master Rune Of Stromni Redbeard
    Rune Of Courage
    Rune Of Slowness
    Rune of Battle

    Helpful in combat, allowing a charge and making a solid unit (RoCourage works very well with Ironbreakers). In all these runes are the first to be considered.

    The Bad

    Rune Of Kadrin
    Master Rune of Taunting

    IMO both are very useless, re-rolloing ones. Best in a Missile unit, which would be a bit of a waste for a BSB. And force your opponent to charge you, once per game. Why? Pointless.

    The Meh

    Master Rune of Valaya
    Master Rune of Fear
    Master Rune of Groth One-Eye
    Rune of Sanctuary

    Most are here because they're expensive, so must be placed on a BSB – but makes him a very large target. But they're the less used runes and are better saved for larger games.

    Engineering Runes

    The Good

    Master Rune Of Skewering
    Rune of Forging
    Rune of Accuracy
    Rune of Penetrating
    Rune of Burning

    Well most have different uses for different Wms, but the reasoning behind them are the same – improves the WM. Need that vital chariot killer shot? Hit on a 2+. Want to chance a better shot with the ST? Re-roll the scatter dice then. Need the extra range? Artillery dice re-rolled here. Or the cheap magic shot.

    The Bad

    Master Rune Of Disguise
    Master Rune of Immolation
    Master Rune of Defence
    Valiant Rune
    Stalwart Rune

    IMO these just are plain useless, most are to make it better in combat. 3 unbreakable models with a 6+ save? Bah! They're uses are very limited and I've never seen anything good about them.

    The Meh

    Rune of Reloading
    Rune of Fortune
    Flakkson's Rune of Seeking

    Useful at times, but not first on the shopping list. Maybe if you have the spare points they maybe worth it, otherwise forget them.

    Runic Talismans

    The Good

    Master Rune of Balance
    Master Rune of Spite
    Master Rune of Kingship
    Spelleater Rune
    Rune of Spellbreaking

    All extremely worth it. Magic defence is strongly needed with a dwarf army, the more runes to suppress it the better – also destroying the odd spell is worth the look on your opponents face. The others – the token 4+ ward or having two stubborn units (only with two lords, but do able).

    The Bad

    Rune of the Furnace
    Master Rune of Dismay
    Rune of Fate

    Not much use for these, either too limited or just not worth it.

    The Meh

    Master Rune of Spellbinding
    Rune of Luck
    Rune of Warding

    As most other 'meh' runes, useful to a degree. +1 Dispel can be very useful if combined with MroValaya and the RoWarding would be a surprise (basically MR). The luck is handy for those vital rolls, works well with the spelleater rune.

    Combo's of Note

    Ok so those are the runes, and to help here's a couple of the most common rune combos about -

    Lord/Thane of Pain

    Gromril Armour, Shield, HW.
    MroSwiftness, RoCleaving, RoFury* **

    *Optional – could have two RoCleaving instead
    ** Lord option only

    Iron Guard

    Gromril Armour, GW
    MroGromril, RoResistance

    Cheap and simple

    Gromril Armour, Shield, HW (Possible GW)

    ** So, ok I don't really know many combos. But those are probably the most common**

    Ol' Reliable

    Stone thrower
    RoAccuracy, RoPenetrating



    Ok I'm done... there are plenty more but most are common sense and others are trial and error. You'll find the ones that suit you the best, all I can say is play and test each rune.

    * * * *

    That's this over folks, I hope you enjoyed it.


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    KU does it again this is a very very good thread for the newbys it will help solve a lot of ? becuase runes can be tuf if you start with dwarfs. I like the combos but here is one I found to work well

    Gromril Armour, Shield, HW
    Rune Of Cleaving
    Rune of Fury
    Rune of Stone

    He is a killing mach and has a nice armour save to boot.

    Thank KU keep it coming
    Last edited by Snaga; May 6th, 2005 at 08:20.

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    150 (x8)

    wel thought, but I find master rune of kingship to be way too costy, and denies to lord any good saves or ward.

    Same for the MRoTaunting, one shot deals are hard to justify.

    Good Job ^_^
    Best Regards,

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