greetings lords, thanes and beardlings alike and now i present my second tactical thread!

How to deploy with dwarfs.

Now through our time on L-O we have had loads of tacticas talking about the units now lets see how to deploy them in an army.

In this tactica I plan to give three different tactical deployments, one of my own design and two pre-designed ones.

Tactic one “the bear trap?

Yes we have all seen Gav’s read out on this tactic in the army book but let’s look at it again.

The tactic works by placing all of your shooting units in your centre with your warriors and elite troops on the flanks, the idea is that you let your foe get close to your centre then you sweep in and crush him from either side.
This is all fine and dandy until cavalry comes into this plan. Though you may catch an infantry unit with this tactic it would be a lot harder to stop a cavalry unit (most notably high elf dragon princes and brettonian knights). These will out pace your dwarfs with evil speed and slam right into your expensive war machines and shooting units.

To rectify this problem its best to set up a stubborn or unbreakable unit in your very centre so you end up with the following formation:

This allows you to move to block mounted knights and create a 3-pronged attack vs. the chargers, and even if they aren’t cavalry the tactic is still sound but slightly more evil.

As well as this you can use faster units (like gyros or DoW units) to close the pincer faster (DoW light cav work best for this).

Note: I don’t recommend using DoW units often as they can lead to problems in your tactical thinking.

Tactic two “the enduring mountain?

This is also from the army book. Being the tactic of choice for most dwarf players this is a defensive formation built around a hill with your war machines and shooting units on the hill and your close combat troops at the base forming a wall to protect these units. Though a very sound tactic it has some rather severe flaws. The first is that it is only good vs. certain armies and these are ones that have to come at you head on (hoards of chaos and the like) but with some army you get units which can come from behind or fly past your wall of dwarfs to get at the shooting units (beasts of chaos, High elves, Dark elves, other dwarfs, brettonians, ogre kingdoms, Skaven and tombkings). As the amount of armies that can get past your wall of dwarfs out number the armies that cant I don’t recommend using this tactic often And if you do try to use it against army you know cant get past your dwarfs.
Another flaw to this tactic is its inability to manoeuvre to face incoming targets. With your warriors and elites stuck in your front line holding off your foes main force you have little to stop fast cavalry from zooming past and attacking your war machines. You can solve this problem by placing your units in an arc at the base of the hill.

This allows you to avoid such units to run around you and get at your shooting units but doing this reveals a fatal flaw, in doing this you allow your opponent to dominate the area around you as if you were to support charge for one of your units (assuming that your target is within view which isn’t often) you expose a flank to your supporting unit like so:

This can be a horrible move as if one of your units were to break you expose the flanks of the two units beside it.

Tactic three “ the Arklite’s wall of fire?

This is my own tactic that I devised not long ago (if you look in the dwarf forum there is a section describing the complete execution of this plan).

It involves the use of a sacrificial shooting unit (preferably thunderers or Xbows so your target will charge them and you can stand and shoot with luck) placed about 2? in front of your main battle line. If your foe charges said unit and win they will either restrain (not likely as who wants a dwarf unit charging at you?) or try to overrun the fleeing dwarfs and slam into your battle line. Now this is where the fun begins, as your turn starts you will notice that the unit, which broke the thunderers, is now open to charging in the flanks by your dwarfs, which if I may say so is a very tasty prospect. The flaw to this plan is that it needs a very balanced army to execute it (not too much shooting and not too much combat) if an unbalanced force is played you will find that with a lack of shooting your flankers will be open to attack so try to deter or panic any units which loiter about your flanks (flame cannons and organ guns are good for this due to multiple shots/ panic tests).

It is incredibly important that you pick the correct deployment when playing a game as choosing the wrong one will lead to you having your arse handed to you on a platter quite often. When choosing your deployment think on what your army contains and what you expect your foes to have (unless you already know) and deploy accordingly otherwise you may be in for a world of hurt.