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Thread: Start Dwarfs?

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    Start Dwarfs?

    Hello almighty dwarf commanders

    I am new to the wahammer ways(been playing 40k) and my question is if I should start dwarfs. i have heard rumors that a re-release of the army book is coming out, so should i buy the army book or wait for the release?

    If i don't buy the army book and wait then should I get starting models now, like warriors and a thane? But this also brings up the rumor that they might have new models.

    Should i buy now or wait more?

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    The rumours are for a new book in december and various models, new plastic warmachines & possibley others. If you want to start now go for it, you coudl pick the dwarf book up on ebay for £2-3 anyway so it wont be a great loss if its replaced in 4 months.

    Dwarfs are a great army to collect and fun to play with if difficult to master.

    You have made a good army choice after all what is GW mag called - The White Dwarf!!

    Hope you enjoy them.

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