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    Dwarfs VS. high elves

    ok this is some thing i saw from another site and thought it would be nice to have it here on L-O and hopefully spice up the dwarf forum a bit. heres the idea: every one posts a bit of thier knolage against the mentioned foe , like what to expect and what to plan for etc , so if it wouldent be a problem care to include:

    * Army composition
    * Deployment
    * Movement
    * Magic
    * Shooting
    * Close combat

    on the average there is two kinds of HE army : mega cavelry or mega magic.

    ill have a talk about the cavelry heavy part

    now this is rather obviously cavalry heavy and is composed of silver helms, reavers and dragon princes with possibly a few chariots in support and quite often some RBT. Deployment would be key for this as you will not want to be flank or rear charged in a hurry. Anchor your flanks with hard to break units (hammerers and slayers might work) and make sure you have a good solid front line that wont run in a hurry. Prioritise your shooting. Most of these high elf players will field no more than 8 knights per unit, and most of them only field 6 strong units and these are always in a single rank. Head on these knights are not much good against ranks and numbers, they are used for flanking mostly, or supported by chariots if forced to go head on. Do not allow them to try this ruse on you....
    Because of these low unit numbers it is very easy to panic these units so having a couple of cannonballs/bolts hitting a unit at the start of the game wont be a bad idea as you may cause a nice bit of panic at the start of a game.
    Remember cavalry armies are not designed for sitting back and shooting, so they will often block line of sight from their bolt throwers (if they happen to have them) as they race across the field towards you if they took them. Protective runes on your thane’s great weapons will help a lot (as many as you can take as they will drop those dress wearing pansies from their ponies easily). You should run them off if you can hold their charge, which is easy if they take you on head on, but flanks are a real problem if they haven't been crippled in time. Subsequent rounds of combat makes their pony boys useless against dwarfs, especially when they throw their ranks and numbers into the combat.

    any one care to continue?

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    yea, i think i can handle the magic heavy part:

    Now, alot of the time this army will be rather deffensive, so two of three things are essential:

    1. Miners; miners need to go mage/rbt hunting. I think the smarter course of action is to go mage hunting. First don't forget that you can still move with miners the round they come in, which is essential. Where ever his(her) best mage is, is where you should try to attack. Also don't be affraid to put them in tough spots, with LD 9 and great weapons, they should do good.

    2. Rangers; rangers serve the same purpose as miners, only not as well. I don't recomend you use them.

    3. Gyrocopters; gyros need to go rbt hunting, considering that the flame template usually will cover both crew, and kill them on 4's. The trick is to put the gyro about 2-3 inches away from the first crew member, so that it will completely cover both crew members. Also march blocking against this type of army, is not a good idea, unless you use it to stop them from getting in position to lay you a trap.

    Outside of those three things i can only say that these armies will have a defensive nature. Because of that you, as a dwarf general, you are left with two choices:

    1. Play a shooty army and get in a magic vs. shooting shoot-out.

    2. March at them (which i think is the more fun option). This involves EXTREEMELY carefull deployment so that you dont run into a trap or any scenery.

    Also I would only take one runesmith at the 1000pt. level, and 2 runesmiths and a Dwarf Lord at the 2000pt. level.
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