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Thread: Ogre meat!

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    Ogre meat!

    I had it out with the Ogre Kingdoms at 2000 points. He had to get 1/3 of his points into my deployment zone to win. It was a close game.

    My flame cannon was my MVP causing units to flee, killing a Hunter, two Yettees and about 6 Ogres. One of my Thanes did well also, leading a unit of Warriors and claiming a unit of Ogres and a Gorger.

    Otherwisee my units did nothing...

    My Crossbow men (Should of taken thunderers) disappointed. They took one wound off an Ogre, fled from a charge and then never rallied.

    However my Lord (I use the Gimli model from LOTR) was a total failure. He failed to kill an ogre. He had a +1 save and a +4 ward save and got killed on 5 wounds on the 3rd turn (I also burned a Rune of luck to try and save him). His tooled up 100 point weapon did one wound. He always roles like crap.

    I won the battle because he did not have enough points in my zone, however I had very little left. I did some damage, but his lords and heros were too tough for me. I won, bbut it did not feel like a victory.

    Overall it was fun but frustrating because my Lord always ends up sucking hard.

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    i recomend the lord of pain its served me very well at all times and doesent get to costly

    dwarf lord
    gromril armour , shield , rune of stone , run of resistance (2+ save with re-rolls)
    Mro swiftness , rune of cleaving/rune of fury/rune of might (each works well but vs ogres i roccoments either cleaving or might)

    he comes out at a round 225-230 points (depending on second rune) and thanks to the mro swiftness can kill a few guys (or in this case an ogre) and defend your guys (mro swiftness strikes before charges - this was confirmed by gav in a FaQ)

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