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Thread: unit command

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    unit command

    hi, i just bought a new box of thunderers and have had some tips on converting my dwaf ( hes a unit champ now ) into a lord. after thinking about this, im starting to thionk when i should take unit command. i played empire as my first proper fantasy army ( i admit i sucked then ) and i usally just took normal troops or a standard. Now, i have been taking full command on every unit, although i mostly work with foot troop, or ones that need them. in my dwarfs im not sure.

    what do you usaully take ? you you have full command in every unit, or just warriors, etc ?
    for now, im not sure, i dont think i really need command in my thundys, nor do i really want to. i think they look better without big banners, they look great as normal shooting troops. on my warriors, i took full command, which now will have a thane instead of vet.

    i dont know wether to keep the banners, or just make them. i know i can always say they dont have command if i need, and when i get a bigger army ( wont work yet ) ill have many extra troops to pick parts from.

    i really want to know what everone does, as i find command doesnt always help, and could mean another bolt thrower or rank of troops if you shave off some.

    creme egg


    vampire counts ( under construction)


    am thinking about starting it again

    currently working on :

    second unit of skellys

    most likely thing next :

    another box of skellys .....

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    I always take full command in all foot units intending on seeing HtH.
    I never take command at all in shooting units, unless there is some unusual reason that makes me paranoid that they will be charged (maybe the scenario special rule -- actually they never take a command).

    But in my combat units I take a command veteran (unit champion) basically automatically, and then when it comes to characters (heroes, lords) then these will go in the unit IN ADDITION to the unit command. That way there is a back up guy to accept challenges with if the lord doesn't want to. Also you can get some mean combinations of banner runes if you have a magical unit banner, and a battle standard in the same unit.

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    I always take unit command. The different skills of each of the command really helps out, though I don't take magic banners unless it's on an expensive character, banners just cost too much.
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