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    Article: A tale of ONE gamer ;)


    I'm trying to emulate the "Tale of four gamers" here, a white dwarf custom. I'll be making a Dwarf Army, and documenting everything that happens in an article every month. I'll show pics of how i painted my dwarfs, with guides, and also how my battles are going. Hopefully =p

    I have no prior experience with Dwarfs, and little gaming experience, so this will be a learning curve for me. This in other words will be more aimed at newbies, like me, yet i'm sure that veterans alike will find it a nice read, even if it is to laugh at my gaming skills =p I'm a painter at heart, and a modeller.

    I drafted a border patrol list for my Dwarfs. I have a fluff story for them, which made me base them around a strong theme. If you don't fancy reading fluff, skip the italic bit =]

    My Army is an outcasted Karak Kadrin Clan. They are let by Twalin Battlehammer. During the great war against the greenskins, they were entrusted with a very precious airloom of the Karak Kadrin, to safekeep while one outpost was under siege. They escaped the siege via another tunnel that had been made especially for their escape.

    The item was of great significance. It was a mighty hammer, named Bonesmasher in the goblin tongue, crafted thousands of years before, when the Dwarfs first moved into the old world and began to craft superb weapons and armour.

    However during one night Bonesmasher was stolen by a band of sneaky Gobbos. The outrage that followed meant the Dwarfs were exiled from their clan, never to return until they had retreived the stolen artifact.

    They accepted the challenge, and now wander the vast world in search of the missing hammer; Bonesmasher. They rely on the semi-primitive technologies that existed at the time of their time. They do not have acess to many guns, or the war machines of the new age, nor do they wish to use such machinery.

    They will not stop until they find the hammer of legend. It is the Battlehammer legacy.

    With this fluff in mind, I began thinking of what i could include in my army.

    I thought for a bit, and drafted this quick army list for border patrol.

    My leader would be Twalin Battlehammer himself, a dwarf Thane at the present time. Of course, as my story advances, he will get more skilled in combat and thus become a lord.

    Twalin Battlehammer: Thane
    Rune of stone
    Rune of fury
    2x rune of speed

    107 pts in total

    I always like a very strong leaders. I find they are often very feared in small games, well, even in large ones! Even though this is only a 500pt border patrol, Twalin will have the same initiative as an elf, so will be hitting simultaneously (Most of my oponants will be elves so this is dead useful!). The extra attack is also nice, and he has a great 2+ armour save against shooting, and 1+ in combat. Excellent.

    But do you think he's too costly? oO

    Now i needed my core. I love Warrior models, they are well crafted, and add flavour to the army, unlike the core of some armies, which are vastly identical, dwarf armies core is made up of individuals.

    This is the bit i'm stuck on, but bare with me. I'm not sure whether to have the 20 warriors in two units of 10, for tactical advantage and mobility. Or one unit of 20, for sheer bulk, and decreased cost (don't need to spend points on another command section).

    10 Warriors
    Full Command section

    10 Warriors
    Great weapons
    Full Command section

    I was thinking, with one defensive force, I could holds the flanks (albeit small flanks for 500 points...But thinking about when i expand to 1000)

    Now for the ranged support! The old quarallers/thunderers debate was quickly solved. Of course, because my dwarfs don't use guns or new technologies, it would have to be crossbows.

    10 Quarellers

    No command section you ask? I'm not sure if it's such a good idea...I'd like to think i can keep them out of combat, but maybe i'm being a bit optimistic...I could give them shields at least.

    And finally.

    Ok, every dwarf needs a war machine...Why? Because they go boom, or zoom, or some similar onomatopaeic word, and we dwarfs like that!

    So, I weighed up my options.

    I didn't have many points left at all. These could be increased if i merged my unit of warriors together, and used the Command section points on the war machine/quarallers.. I hate bolt throwers, but stone throwers are too point heavy (get it?! Har Har...) and far too inaccruate for games of this size, and cannons...well...innaccurate and point heavy (as you can see, i have a wide justification ).

    Bolt thrower

    No additions again! I know it's crazy. If i merged that warrior unit, I could add some things. Maybe an engineer. Or even add another bolt thrower! But as things are, this baby will do ok on my right flank, stopping those cavalry in border patrol, befoer finally getting what she deserves and having points spent on her when i reach 1000 point battles. *pats*

    It's nice and cheap as well!

    Cheap death = good death. I just hope it can wound those pesky elves...well....They arn't the toughest of enemies now are they? =D

    So that's it folks. My draft. Please tell me what you think. I am open to all complaints. Besides, it just means my army is better in the long run!

    Cya next month folks, for the next issue of: "A tale of one gamer". By then i'll have a unit of warriors, hopefully with a painting guide. Fingers crossed.


    Current Army: Dwarfs

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    Sounds very good so far, i'm looking forward to reading the rest of it
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    hey orakar... this articles quite awesome indeed. hope to read more next month and all. keep it up

    ps. i noticed the fluff (always important) sounds alot like the bloodquest trilogy lol... may be just a coincidence. have you read bloodquest by any chance. in any case... the fluffs still brill
    -SONS of RUSS member-

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    Good article, I would suggest adjusting your list a little:

    Take away the bolt thrower (unless you have 2, one will probably not do much good, warriors are more stable). Which unit is the thane going in? Because he will make either of the units 11, which is not good for the formation. I would suggest a big block of shield warriors (19), and add a veteran. 10 quarellers will not do much good, I know because of your fluff you take them but I still would suggest thunderers, and maybe a few more. Here is my border patrol list, which has worked well so far...

    Thane - 124
    Great Weapon, Rune of Kragg the Grim, Rune of Striking, Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Stone

    19 Warriors - 196
    Veteran, Shield, Standard, Musician

    12 Thunderers - 180

    Minis = 33
    Pts Total = 500
    Dispel Dice = 4

    Anyway, I can't wait for another article, it was great.
    "Well... that hurt" - Vampire Jon Skellan (Mannfred's right hand man) after being beaten up, falling down an underground waterfall and being impaled by a stalactite.

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